Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to perform an air-dodge

 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to perform an air-dodge

Essentially there are two ways to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (three if you are adult): play the game in the right way, with correct timing and corrects attacks, play the game as an n00b, so smashing buttons or (only if you are adult) drinking a shot for every death. Each of these methods is… correct, or something similar.

If you would play like a pro you need to learn some deep techniques that are the core of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighting’s system. Among them, there is Air-Dodge, one of the best dodges in the game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to perform an air-dodge

How to perform Air-Dodge

Unlike others moves in the game, Air-Dodge needs perfect timing, so you need a lot of training before you can use it correctly.

In order to perform an Air-Dodge, you need to hold left stick in any direction (the direction that you need obviously), so you need to press the shield button while you’re in mid-air.

The move is very easy: you need to remember these button’s combination and that’s it.

The real difficulty is behind moments when you need (or can) perform an Air-Dodge: timing is essential.

Basically, you need to see your opponent’s move, jump in the air and perform the Air-Dodge to dodge his attack. This move is very useful against grappling hook or to bait a shield/parry.

Now you know the secret behind the perfect dodge but remember, from great power comes great responsibility.