How To Heal In The Surge 2

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Healing is an interesting system in The Surge 2. When you fight enemies and take damage, you need a way to heal up. To heal up, you need to use energy generated from fighting enemies to power implants to heal you.

How To Get Implants

You find Implants in crates and loot them around the game world. If you target the head of enemies during fights, then cut them off. You will begin the game with the Medi-Voltaic Implant, which allows you to heal, but you can find other healing implants and stack them. This mechanic means you can equip two or more healing Implants and cycle between them during a fight.

How To Charge Implants

You can charge your Implants by fighting, and building up energy in your Battery. You need a whole bar of Battery to use a healing Implant. All Implants have a maximum number of charges, depending on their level. You can upgrade Implants at an Autodoc, using resources farmed by collecting implants you already own. These get converted to the resource you need to upgrade other implants automatically.

The rule of thumb is if you need to upgrade implants, attack the heads of humanoid enemies, or the bodies of robotic enemies. You also need Tech Scrap to perform upgrades, but you collect it from fighting and opening chests.

How To Use The Healing Implant

To heal, you quickly press the B button (or relevant button on your system/controller). To charge the Implant you need to hold down B. During longer fights there’s a dance of charging up your batteries and quickly converting the charge into heals stored in your Implants. You need to remember you want a full battery segment at the end of most fights because you need to be trying to cut off limbs to farm more resources.

It is also a good idea to carefully read all armor descriptions. Some of them might offer set bonuses to heal you under certain circumstances.