All of the playable characters in Team Sonic Racing

With Team Sonic Racing coming on the horizon, ardent Sonic fans will be curious to know who they can race as in the new game. While the Sonic universe doesn’t have quite the number of memorable sidekicks and characters as Nintendo’s world, the supporting cast has been getting much more love and attention in recent years with games and spin-offs fleshing out its various personalities. Many have returned after appearing in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

As with all kart-racing games, different characters will have different stats, and each character will be under the Speed, Technique, and Power classes. Picking and choosing your character will have a profound effect on how you will race. One caveat with picking a character is that doing so will lock your team to the rest of the characters in that team. For example, if you pick Tails as your racer, you will automatically have Sonic and Knuckles as your two teammates. Similarly, if you pick Amy, Big and Chao will be a part of your team automatically. While it would have been welcome to mix and match your team with all of the characters, it does make sense with the theme of the game.

With that said, here is every character that you can play as in Team Sonic Racing and the class that they belong to.

Team Sonic

  • Sonic – Speed Class
  • Tails – Technique Class
  • Knuckles – Power Class

Team Amy

  • Amy – Speed Class
  • Chao – Technique Class
  • Big – Power Class

Team Vector

  • Blaze – Speed Class
  • Silver – Technique Class
  • Vector – Power Class

Team Shadow

  • Shadow – Speed Class
  • Rouge – Technique Class
  • Omega – Power Class

Team Eggman

  • Metal Sonic – Speed Class
  • Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) – Technique Class
  • Zavok – Power Class

Dr. Eggman

While you will need to progress through the adventure mode if you want to use all of the teams in that mode, local play and online multiplayer will have all racers open and available to use from the start.

Which team you pick is up to you, but there is plenty of options depending on if you want to be the brave good guys in Team Sonic, or try your hand with the evil Dr. Eggman, each with their own quips. Their differences are small but notable, so it’s worth looking over each one and checking which is best for you.

Happy racing!