Temtem Customization and Character Creation

7 different possible Temtem tamers made with the starting customization options

Temtem, this Pokémon-inspired MMO game, has so much to offer, from cute monsters to ‘tame’ to being able to play the whole game co-op with a friend. However, one of the things about Temtem that stands out the most is the character creator.

A look at the Temtem tamer body type, skin color  and walk style screen.

Making a Character

When you design your Temtem tamer, you can either hit randomize or go through all of the following options:

  1. Body Type (2 options)

    One has boxers and a bare chest; the other has panties and a sports bra

  2. Skin Color (15 options)

    All-natural tones, ranging from light to dark.

  3. Walk Style (4 options)

    This is how your character will walk/run while playing the actual game

  4. Head Shape (5 options)

    Ranges from round to dorito-chin

  5. Face (12 options)

    The faces have a lot of personalities and have a range of features

  6. Eye Color (15 options)
  7. Hairstyle (15 options)

    Short, medium and long hairstyles all available

  8. Hair Color + Ombre (16 options each)
  9. Top (11 Choices)

    Some are a single clothing piece; others have a jacket on top

  10. Top Color+ Accent (16 options each)
  11. Bottom (11 options)

    This includes pants, leggings, and shoes all in one option.

  12. Bottom Color+ Accent (16 options each)
  13. Bag (2 options)

    A backpack or a travel bag

  14. Bag Color+ Accent (16 options each)
  15. Name (typed)

    This will also be your username for the game

  16. Pronouns (3 options)

    Choose from She/Her, He/Him and They/Them

  17. Voice (2 options)

    A higher and lower voice option

The top selection screen.

  1. No Gender Lock

    All clothing is available for all characters, and you choose your body type, voice, and your pronouns all separately from each other. This allows for so many more combinations!

  2. Ombre Hair

    With every hairstyle, you have the choice of two colors, creating an impressive ombre effect! Of course, you can also set both to the same color if you want one color in your hair

  3. Lots of Options

    With over 10 options for most of the categories, you can genuinely make your Temtem tamer stand out!

  4. And That’s Not All!

    Throughout your Temtem journey, there will be shops where you can buy new clothing, hairstyle, and accessory options that you that didn’t have available to you at the game start — these cost Pansuns, which is the in-game currency.

Premium options for later in the game.

  1. All Around Me are Familiar Faces…

    The face is just one choice. You can’t choose eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows separately from each other.

  2. Shoes locked to Bottoms

    If you like one pair of shoes, but another pair of pants, tough luck. You can’t mix and match shoes and bottoms.

  3. Name ‘Already in Use’

    Since your character’s name is also your display name/username for the game, and Temtem is an MMO, that means no repeats.

The name is 'already in use' screen.

Overall, the pros, however, definitely outweigh the cons. If you are looking for a character creator that says no to gender locking and has lots of colorful and creative options, then Temtem is for you.