The 10 Best Ice type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Icy cold and super cute, well, mostly.

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In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Ice-type Pokémon are plenty and easy to find once you progress far enough. With new and old Ice-types returning to the game, there’s plenty for players to see, catch, and battle. There’s also a definite list of which Ice-type Pokémon are worth the effort of catching and training. Of course, based on the type of team you wish to assemble the order of this list can change, especially the number three and two spots. That being said, this is our 10 best Ice type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet starting with the lowest rank and ending at number one.

10. Beartic

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Large, terrifying, and yet you still want to snuggle it, Beartic starts off our list. While it’s pretty slow, it does have a powerful Attack with 130 right off the bat. It’s not got too high scores in its other base stats either, but it is still the second hardest-hitting Ice-type Pokémon on this list. It also has three pretty great potential weather-based Abilities, Snow Cloak, Snow Rush, and its Hidden Ability Swift Swim.

9. Weavile

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The Evolution of Sneasel, Weavile can hit pretty hard and is decently fast. While the rest of its base stats aren’t anything to brag about, 120 Attack and 125 Speed are certainly a great way to get the upper hand in a battle. However, being a Dark and Ice-type it does have that pesky 4x Weakness to Fighting, and its Ability Pressure and Hidden Ability Pickpocket aren’t as powerful as other Abilities on this list.

8. Avalugg

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First seen in Pokémon Sword and Shield, Avalugg is a chonky guy with chonky stats. With a whopping 184 Defense, and a terrible 28 Speed it is made to stand there menacingly rather than chase you down. It also hits hard with 117 in Attack. Avalugg also has either Ice Body or Own Tempo as its Ability and can get Sturdy as its Hidden Ability, making it very hard to K.O.

7. Cryogonal

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This odd-looking and somehow haunting snowflake designed Pokémon that looks like a Ghost possessed an art display is in general only better than Avalugg. This is thanks to its Speed which caps at 105 on the base level, as well as a decent Learnset which includes Sheer Cold, Recover, and Light Screen. Cryogonal also has impressive Sp. Attack and Sp. Damage, which means it can and will hit you hard. Its only Ability is Levitate, which grants it immunity to Ground-type moves and Spikes.

6. Glaceon

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Glaceon is the Ice-type Evolution of Eevee and it’s quite a sight to behold. While not as fast as some of its other forms, with only 65 in Speed, Glaceon has a high base Sp. Defense, as well as an impressive 110 Defense and 130 Sp. Attack. Glaceon’s Ability Snow Cloak and Hidden Ability Ice Body can cause some serious irritation if you’re able to set up hailing weather.

5. Cloyster

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While Cloyster more often inspires images of haunted seafood getting revenge rather than icy landscapes, this Ice and Water-type Pokémon has some pretty decent stats. With an insane 180 Defense, you’ll find yourself able to tank most Physical Attacks with ease. This is less possible with Sp. Attacks as Cloyster only has a measly 45 in Sp. Defense. If you’re able to get the Shell Armor Ability you’ll also ward off a ton of damage, but it can also perform well with Skill Link. Cloyster also has the Hidden Ability Overcoat.

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4. Cetitan

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While it’s not nearly as cute as its original unevolved form, Cetitan doesn’t care about your mortal concerns. This big, beefy, 170 HP behemoth is here to absorb damage and hit back with its painful 113 base Attack stat. It’s also great with its Ability Thick Fat but can perform well with Slush Rush. Ceititan’s Hidden Ability is Sheer Force.

3. Iron Bundle

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Only available in Pokémon Violet, Iron Bundle is both adorable and upon second glance absolutely terrifying as it stares into your soul without blinking. Able to outpace Chien-Pao by a single Speed point at 136, and having more in the way of tank-based abilities, Iron Bundle is a tough character. It has the Quark Drive ability, which is automatically activated if it’s holding a Booster Energy. It has a decent Learnset, with Aurora Veil and Blizzard as late moves.

2. Chien-Pao

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One of The Four Treasures of Ruin Pokémon, and essentially an Ermine, that doesn’t want or need your pets, Chien-Pao is blisteringly fast, coming in at 135 base Speed. It also has 120 Attack, which is unsurprising thanks to those vicious fangs. It lacks a little when it comes to its other stats, but it does have at least comparable HP with 80 to start. Chien-Pao only has a single Ability, Sword of Ruin, but it has a decent Learnset, featuring Swords Dance, as well as Sacred Sword and Sheer Cold.

1. Baxcalibur

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Essentially the frozen form of Godzilla, with cute little red murder mittens, Baxcalibur is a big hulking guy that features a Dragon and Ice-typing. It’s tanky, with 115 HP, and an eye-watering 145 Attack. It doesn’t have terrible Speed either, clocking in at a base 87. Thanks to its ability Thermal Exchange, it has some nasty Attack boosting potential in the right circumstances, and its Hidden Ability Ice Body can be great if in a hailstorm. Baxcalibur also has a signature move, Glaive Rush, granting it a guaranteed hit on the next move as well as double damage.