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The 10 best mods for Vampire Survivors

Change the game on the hellspawn of Vampire Survivors.

The strange roguelike bullet-hell Vampire Survivors has taken gamers by surprise with its simplistic, no-frills gameplay where strategy and movement are vital to survival. While the game in its vanilla state offers almost a hundred hours of gameplay, modding is positioned to once again take a prominent role in bringing the title farther than the developers originally intended to. Sure, Vampire Survivors is a fantastic game on its own, but there’s clearly no harm in adding a few mods, even if they’re a bit out there. Here are the ten best Vampire Survivors mods.

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10) Lucky Egg

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In Vampire Survivors, Golden Eggs offer a small permanent increase to random stats on whichever character picks them up once the current run has ended. Unfortunately, for those dedicated to the game, there is a cap involved in Golden Eggs regarding how strong a single character can become. These stats are capped as follows:

  • 900% Might
  • 900% Area
  • 400% Projectile speed
  • 400% Duration
  • -90% Cooldown reduction
  • +10 Projectile

The Lucky Egg mod instead offers a small, permanent increase to the Luck stat of the currently played character, taking effect at the conclusion of the current run. It’s not a game-breaking amount by any means but does increase the amount of end-game play available.

9) Free Evolutions

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If you find Vampire Survivors late-game to be a bit too easily read, with simply not enough screen clutter, then the mod Free Evolutions is for you. The concept is straightforward — there are no secondary requirements to evolve any weapon into its advanced form. This turns characters into a god-tier hero who decimates anything and everything in their path, although a modicum of strategy will likely still be needed. This doesn’t necessarily add much to Vampire Survivors, but it can be nice to obliterate everything on the screen.

8) Level Up Stat Growth

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The Vampire Survivors mod Level Up Stat Growth fundamentally alters how leveling works in the title. In the vanilla game, characters gain the chance to select a single piece of loot from a pool determined by rarity. With this mod, characters actually become stronger as they level up, increasing the strength of their curses, move speed, and magnet AoE for each level. These default values are admittedly a bit strong, but this mod also includes a simple explanation for configuring the level-up bonuses to match your preference. Done properly, this can become a pleasant additional flavor for Vampire Survivor players.

7) Chaotic Library

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While the current vanilla version of the Library only offers a path east to west, the Chaotic Library mod changes that to include repeating paths north and south as well. This offers more flexibility in pathing and movement during play, although it can also get players trapped in tight vertical corridors. The risk versus reward plays out well enough, although the original Library still holds up as well. A nice addition to add a bit of depth to your late-game runes, nonetheless.

6) Monster Survivors

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If you’ve ever been slaying monsters by the thousands in Vampire Survivors and felt a pang of guilt and empathy as you cut down nameless ghoul #3,451, the mod Monster Survivors is for you. Now you can commit fratricide endlessly as you play as bats, jellyfish, and all manner of other strange enemies that typically are seeking to kill the Survivors. Players will first need to find the Mindbender relic, but the gameplay doesn’t change regardless of which hero is picked; they merely replace the sprites for the original heroes.

5) New Serenia

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The mod New Serenia offers a brand new map to explore. This map is outdoors, taking place around the outskirts of a pleasant town. Trees break up the map, forcing players to move around them and bear them in mind while planning pathing throughout waves. Once installed, New Serenia is unlocked by surviving for 60 minutes with any character, gating this map for those well into the late-game of Vampire Survivors. The map includes one large building with a small shed and a graveyard with an entrance located at the top and bottom.

4) Bootman’s BS Pack

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Along the same vein as Monster Survivors but with a lot more literal character, Bootman’s BS Pack changes unique heroes into memes and dreams, ranging from Peter Griffin to Uganda Knuckles. A total of 12 characters come out from all different manner of universes to beat back the creations of vampiric influence. Unfortunately, these characters aren’t coming with unique weapons and stat reworks, instead replacing the sprites of the original Survivors with meme-worthy ones. There is absolutely something memorable, however, when you’re killing the Grim Reaper as Dat Boi on a unicycle.

3) No Particles – Super Performance Mode

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Vampire Survivors can betray users attempting to gauge performance overhead by appearance alone — the title can swallow a bit of performance when multiple sprites are bouncing across the screen. The No Particles – Super Performance Mode can alleviate this greatly by turning most effects transparent, making it not only easier to see, but easier to run. The downside is that it can be difficult to determine where your weapons are impacting, allowing players to determine and plan upcoming pathing.

2) Extended Power Up Levels

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The Extended Power Up Levels mod aims to increase the depth and length of end-game play greatly, by including additional new levels for power-up purchases. These purchases become expensive, but don’t shake up the end-game meta enough to justify a ‘cheat’ tag being attached. At the end of the content, it’s simply additional levels for purchase that offer a means beyond Golden Eggs to improve characters. Only four of the categories have had their maximum levels increased to six. It also comes with multiple translations — just make sure you back up your saves.

1) Multipurpose QoL Mod

The Multipurpose QoL Mod offers many various tweaks and mechanics that are available to be toggled depending on how players want to customize their Vampire Survivors gameplay experience. This mod brings a heft of options:

  • Colored chests to identify contents
  • Auto-confirm chest contents
  • DPS data based on averaged past few seconds of damage
  • Weaponry/item guides
  • Limit broken stats
  • Debugs
  • Insta-restarts

With a quick drag & drop installation process, Multipurpose QoL offers a massive increase in quality of life for Vampire Survivors with a simple process. The worst part of this mod is that you’ll never be able to play without it.

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