The 5 best crab Pokémon

Add the best of the best crab Pokémon to your party.

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There are a handful of crab-like Pokémon you encounter throughout the Pokémon series. These particular creations vary in size, appearance, and abilities. Some players in Pokémon games may go out of their way for these catches, and some are better than others. These are the five best crab Pokémon you can find throughout the Pokémon series in alphabetical order.

The best crab Pokémon


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Crabominable is the evolved form of Crabawler. It’s an Ice and Fighting-type Pokémon and a unique combination as it’s the only Pokémon in the series of its kind. Crawabler would be another decent addition to this list, but given it’s the first form of Crabominable, we’re essentially combining the two. Although this Pokémon is weak to Fighting-type attacks, you might want to use it against other Ice-type Pokémon or any trainer giving you trouble with Bug and Dark-types.


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Crawdaunt is the evolved form of Corphish and changes up the formula by being a Water and Dark-type Pokémon. If you’re ever worried about taking on Psychic-type Pokémon, Crawdaunt is an excellent choice, especially if you also have to fight Dark, Ghost, Fire, Ice, and Water-type Pokémon. However, it is weak against Bug, Fighting, Electric, Grass, and Fairy-type Pokémon, and it typically features a robust attack and special attack stats but lower defenses. Nevertheless, when it comes to crab Pokémon, it’s a solid choice, and the design is a substantial update from when Kingler was initially released in the first generation.


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Crustle is the evolved form of Dwebble. These two are Bug and Rock-type Pokémon, and is only weak to Rock, Steel, and Water-type moves and resistant against Normal and Poison-type attacks. Because it’s a Rock-type, Crustle has a solid defense that makes it a solid defender in any Pokémon game. If you’re looking for a crab Pokémon that does not use Water-type attacks, it’s a reasonable option, especially in the mobile game Pokémon Go.


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Kingler is the evolved form of Crabby, and we consider it the original crab Pokémon in the series. It was introduced in the Kanto region from Pokémon Red and Blue. Back then, Kingler was a solid Pokémon that remains, in our opinion, the top choice in crab Pokémon. Although it remains a Water-type, it’s still a reliable choice if you ever want to catch a Water-type Pokémon in any game.


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The final crab Pokémon on this list is Parasect, the evolved form of Paras. It’s a Bug and Grass-type Pokémon. Unfortunately, this combination makes it extremely weak to Flying and Fire-type attacks. Similar to Kinlger and Crabby, it arrived during the first wave of Pokémon in Red and Blue. Although Parasect resembles more of a crab with a mushroom on its back, and some believe it was meant to resemble an ant that a fungus had taken over, we included it on our list.