The 5 best Prop Hunt maps in Fortnite Creative Mode

Get your hiding spots ready.

Fortnite Creative

Image via Dropnite

Prop Hunt is an age-old game mode in multiplayer shooters. The concept is simple: there are two teams, hunter and hunted, and a game of hide and seek breaks out. The hunted team can morph into props that match the design of the specific map, and the hunters must find out what’s a prop and what’s not. In Fortnite, players have designed some amazing maps for this game mode in Creative Mode. Which five maps should you visit?

Mansion Hide and Seek

Image via Dropnite

Creative Code: 0848-5965-2391

If you’re a fan of a modern house setting, this map is for you. Set in front of a beautiful sunset backdrop, players can explore a huge mansion and utilize a wide variety of props and hiding spots. 2-16 players are allowed to play on this map, and as with all of these islands, the more players, the better.

City Park Prop Hunt

Tusk Thumper
Image via Dropnite

Creative Code: 4760-0262-7171

Another stunning location, City Park, is set in a luxury beach resort. The designers use multiple smaller settings such as a pool, a recreation area, and the beach. 2-16 players can jump in and explore the City Park map.

The Yacht

Tusk Thumper Floof
Image via Dropnite

Creative Code: 7478-3155-2392

Truly unique from the other codes on this list, The Yacht Prop Hunt map takes place on a stunning boat in the middle of the ocean. The creators took The Yacht POI from Chapter 2 – Season 2 of Fortnite and designed a great map for props to hide and hunters to hunt. Up to 18 players can join this map.

Warlock’s Graveyard

Image via Dropnite

Creative Code: 6180-5637-0525

Warlock’s Graveyard is a bit of scarier take on the Prop Hunt mode. This map takes place on multiple islands, which means you can die by falling off said islands. Along with this, the setting is dark and mysterious, and you can truly be scared by a prop that pops out of nowhere.

Toy Story

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Image via Epic Games

Creative Code: 5263-5778-8691

We saved the best map for last. This take on the classic film franchise Toy Story places you in the shoes of one of Andy’s many toys. You’re shrunken down and can visit some of the film’s most recognizable characters, such as Mr. Potato Head. While the concept is ultimately the same, you can have a ton of fun exploring this map and seeing all of the different props you can turn into.