The best Amber build in Genshin Impact

Take your shot.

Genshin Impact

Amber is one of the first characters you will get in Genshin Impact, so in many ways, she will be where people first try to figure out good builds. In this guide, we will show you the build that we use with Amber, taking advantage of her Aimed Shot to proc Pyro effects on enemies. As a bow user, Amber won’t really be someone you turn to for basic attacks, but she will be a solid option for setting up Pyro effects, then following up with elemental attacks from another character.


The Amos Bow is a 5 Star Bow obtained through Wishes and will provide some solid base stats for Amber. With an ATK stat of 48 at level one, you know the weapon has a high ceiling. It will also increase both basic attack and Aimed Shot damage by 12% to 24%, depending on the ascension level. It will also give an increasing damage buff to shot based on the distance they travel, which is perfect for Aimed Shot.

Generally speaking, you want to be landing as many Aimed Shots as possible with Amber after you throw out her bear to distract enemies, then switch to another character when the bear explodes to line up some solid elemental reactions. She is also a superb option for safely burning away Dendro shields.


The Wanderer’s Troupe is a great option for Amber, giving an increase to Elemental Mastery. This makes her a great option for the second person in your damage chain, as Elemental Mastery will boost effects like Vaporize. At four pieces, it will also give you an increased charge attack if your character uses a bow, adding to the damage from your little bear friend.

You can get the Wanderer’s Troupe set from Andrius, Dvalin, Elite Bosses, chests, quests, and Wishes.

  • Troupe’s Dawnlight
  • Bard’s Arrow Feather
  • Concert’s Final Hour
  • Wanderer’s String-Kettle
  • Conductor’s Top Hat

Frankly, the best way to build Amber is to simply not invest too many resources in her. There are much better characters armed with a bow, and much better characters who can do Pyro damage, so it is unlikely that she will be a solid party member for long, but she can still bring a lot of value in the early game.