The best build for Chaac in Smite

Bring the rain.

Image via Hi-Rez

Chaac is one of the tougher warriors to fight against in Smite. Not only does he have a decent heal ability to keep him going, he’s fairly mobile if you can fire off his first and second ability off in the correct order. Chaac is capable of maintaining a quick lead against most opponents during the early game due to his sustainability, and he becomes a troublesome god to battle against, forcing a team to purchase anti-heal items. We’re going to breakdown some of the best items you can put on Chaac to create a best build.

We’re going to be focusing on a build for Chaac in the solo lane.

Best relic for Chaac

Like most warriors in the solo lane, you want to give Chaac the teleport glyph for his first relic. Even though his third ability, Rain Dance, can keep him in lane and healed up, you’ll want to go back to grab items and increase your build even further. You always want to make sure to have teleport glyph whenever playing this role.

For your second relic, it varies on what your team needs. When you want to give them a boost of damage, belt of frenzy is a good choice. If you need to slow down the enemy, horrific emblem is a solid option, or you can increase your team’s movement speed using heavenly sprint. To add any anti-healing options, you can always choose to purchase cursed ankh.

Best starter item for Chaac

With Chaac starting in the solo lane, you’ll want to pick one of the three solo starter items: warrior’s axe, bluestone pendant, or warding sigil. Warding sigil hasn’t received as much love as the other two during Season 8. Still, it’s been given a couple of buffs here and there, and it can be a perfect choice when battling against ability-heavy gods, such as Tyr or King Arthur. You can stack up protections and use Chaac’s healing ability to make him even stronger to take down. You can upgrade the warding sigil into an infused sigil, creating a massive explosion around him during a battle.

When it comes to warrior’s axe and bluestone pendant, it’s hard to go wrong with any of them. Warrior’s axe will be better if you plan to be up close and fighting against your solo lane opponent at all times, increasing Chaac’s healing potential. For the bluestone pendant, your abilities will do more damage, but you might want to go for some protections earlier to keep yourself alive.

Best boots for Chaac

When it comes to selecting the type of boots to give Chaac during the early game, there’s almost always no competition. Warrior tabi is typically the universally chosen option. Some players might purchase reinforced graves if they want to protect against crowd control abilities earlier in the game, but warrior tabi is the recommended option.

Best items for Chaac

Chaac is an active frontline fighter. You want to place him directly next to the enemy team, lockdown some of the squishy gods, and protect your carry, mid, and jungle teammates. He has quite a bit of sustainability from his Rain Dance ability, making him a tough god to break. You can stack his sustainability up even more by building into his healing abilities and reduce his cooldowns so he can fire off his abilities whenever he needs them during a team fight. You can also turn him into a bruiser to better fit your team’s playstyle.

Here’s a general build we’d recommend putting together for Chaac.

  • Bluestone, Warrior’s Axe, or Warding Sigil (all three of these starter items are worthwhile choices, and which one you pick will depend on the type of solo lane opponent you’re battling against)
  • Warrior’s Tabi (sell this once you have Elixir of Speed, and then purchase Mantle of Discord)
  • Gladiator’s Shield
  • Caduceus Shield
  • Runic Shield
  • Heartseeker

Chaac can become an extremely flexible god in the solo lane. You can swap out any of these recommended items to better fit what your team needs. For example, if you wanted to go more power, here are a few items that will benefit you to pick later in the game.

  • Jotunn’s Wrath
  • The Crusher
  • Blackthorn Hammer

There are several bruiser-like items that Chaac can use. These items will contain both power and protections.

  • Shifter’s Shield
  • Void Shield
  • The Sledge
  • Ancile
  • Runic Shield

If you need to go anti-heal, such as when you’re battling against a Chang’e or an Aphrodite in the solo lane, there are several options available to you.

  • Tainted Steel (starter item)
  • Contagion
  • Pestilence
  • Brawler’s Beat Stick

A final item that trips up several Chaac players can be a little daunting. You don’t know if you want to commit to more damage, more protections, or picking a utility item. We like to use some options when we’re selecting the final piece of equipment to enter the late game.

  • Shield of Regrowth (movement speed after healing)
  • Talisman of Energy (magical protection and health, plus gives energy stacks to nearby allies)
  • Stone of Gaia
  • Mail of Renewal

Chaac remains one of the more flexible warriors in Smite. You’ll primarily focus on using his ability damage to tackle your enemies, and you should be thinking about how to build your protections best to remain as one of the last fighters standing in most team fights.