The top 5 Dream Address islands to visit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Entering Dreamland

With the second Summer Update in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, fans of the game have a brand new way to visit friends’ — or streamers’ and influencers’ — islands, now without having to rely on them being online.

To that end, we went out and searched for some of the best islands out there. Here is a selection of some of our personal favorites. Just remember, you must have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription or you won’t be able to take part in this feature.

DA-1790-5385-6731 by @nook_lings

There is something about a Japanese aesthetic with an Onsen that just relaxes us, and we hope it does for you as well.

DA-0108-7465-9232 by @Ashie_OW

There are so many bright colors here, and the waterfall displays are out of this world. This island stands out because of the amazing small details.

7221-9153-4169 by @potatotoffee

Every part of this forested island has been calculated and created to make you feel like you are in a fantasy part of the world.

DA-0317-6026-5727 by @pinky_crossing

If you are a fan of the unknown or want to step into a place out of a fairy tale book, visit this magical place right away.

DA-5340-3883-1201 by @monkeykinghero

Shameless honorable mention/self-plug here: We couldn’t help but finish this off list with one of our own. The island has an assortment of the more beloved villagers, like Ramond, Judy, Audie, etc., but also sports a completed Museum you can walk around to see what one looks like should you not want to put the effort into completing it yourself.