The best Farigiraf fanart from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet fans

There’s lots of love for this long-necked friend.

Image via The Pokémon Company

We’re getting a new Pokémon with practically every Scarlet and Violet trailer, and the latest addition to the ‘dex is Farigiraf. It’s an evolution of Girafarig found only in the Paldea region, and it’s about time the Gen II Pokémon got a grown-up form. When it evolves into Farigiraf, its two heads shift to the same spot, simulating a hoodie and giving it enhanced psychic powers thanks to two brains in the same spot. That’s a concept ripe for fanart, and you bet the internet has already created a lot of it. Here’s a roundup of our favorite Farigiraf fanart.

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Best Farigiraf fanart – Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Let’s start with an ‘unstable’ drawing of Farigiraf. As @Summermom points out, the new evolution probably does have trouble adjusting to its new legs after the transformation.

@GayNicos decided to focus on the hooded aspect of the new ‘mon. As they humorously point out, the main giraffe’s head probably can’t see when the other one takes over.

We’ve seen the neon approach to Pokémon fanart a few times, but @_XenonB_‘s take on Farigiraf is particularly striking. The contrast between the bright purple neck and black tail looks great.

@splotchi decided to go in a “cute” direction with their drawing. This one looks a tad grumpy, but those beady little eyes are still adorable.

We’ll wrap up this first half of the collection with some lovely pixel art. @graylure drew Farigiraf looking up at an Oran Berry — good thing it has a long neck to reach the tasty treat.

There’s always a bunch of group drawings regarding these things. @zuccnini paired Farigiraf up with Grafaiai (who’s gotten plenty of fanart of its own). The pumpkin patch is a perfect setting for this pair, considering Scarlet and Violet release on November 18.

@thelastshaymin compared Farigiraf to Wiglett, remarking on the garden eel’s height when compared to the evolved giraffe. Yes, Wiglett also has a bunch of funny fanart.

This pairing shows Farigiraf next to its pre-evolution Girafarig. @Sixelona added a very endearing quality to her drawing by implying that the taller ‘mon is mentoring the smaller one.

@carmenfflv_art decided to group Farigiraf with a handful of other Pokémon: the legendary Koraidon, the starter Sprigatito, and Paldean Whooper. We can guess which version of the game she’s getting and which starter she’ll be choosing.

Lastly, we have a hypothetical Shiny form of Farigiraf from @PrisimScizor. The blue, black, and purple look would go nicely with the neon aesthetic we’ve seen in a few other Scarlet and Violet screenshots.