The best Grafaiai fanart from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

What a little gremlin.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Grafaiai is a new Normal/Poison type Pokémon making its debut in Gen IX with Scarlet and Violet. Reception to its reveal has been mixed, but plenty of Pokémon fans love the little aye-aye’s big gremlin energy. Where there are fans, there’s fanart. Here are some of the best we’ve seen featuring the graffiti-smearing lemur.

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Let’s start with a (literally) glowing piece of fanart from @glitchover. Grafaiai smears neon paint with its fingers, and GlitchOver embraced that vibe with this black light poster-esque creation.

Some might want Grafaiai to be featured on our list of the ugliest Pokémon, but @LiddelUwU sees the cuteness in the poison Pokémon’s design. This is probably the tamest take you’ll see in this collection.

Group shots are always a great way to make a new Pokémon feel like part of the club — we’ve seen it with fanart for Cyclizar and Cetitan. Artist @rcortezdraws grouped Grafaiai with an equally mischievous-looking Aipom and fellow painter Smeargle.

@thelastshaymin also focused on Grafaiai’s penchant for painting. Their take on the new ‘mon sees it leaving little paint drops on the ground as it sketches stripes on the trunks of trees.

@RBlueberg shows Grafaiai drawing the “cool S,” cementing its teen-like attitude. In Blueberg’s eyes, this makes the little lemur perfect for Sun and Moon’s villainous Team Skull.

Speaking of attitude, the second half of this fanart collection is in a very specific lane. @EnderGoo kicks it off by making Grafaiai’s ears into more of a hoodie and giving it pupils. Oh yeah, it’s also flipping the bird.

You’re gonna see a lot of that in these remaining drawings — it seems like a perfect pose for Grafaiai. @Dynamo_Den gives us double fingers in his fanart.

As @FlourArt points out, the Pokémon’s “really long middle fingers” are to blame for taking the fanart in this direction. They’re used for painting, but they can also be used to react to the people thrown off by Grafaiai’s appearance.

@fauxmantis at least gives us two takes on Grafaiai. One is the double-bird-flipping look you’d expect, but the other shows the ‘mon being much sillier, standing up on its tail.

Finally, we have the most explicit example of Grafaiai’s attitude from @iKitsunyan. Will it be the first Pokémon to swear? We’ll find out when Scarlet and Violet release on November 18.