The best fishing locations in Fortnite – How to complete your fish collection

Head to these specific island areas to fill up your collection fast.

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No matter when you are dropping in, Fortnite’s battle royale island is always guaranteed to be the home of dozens of fish that can be caught and even consumed. Though, players shouldn’t expect all of these sea creatures to spawn in one particular area. Most spawn within specific regions, and you will have to travel to each of these if you want to finish your entire collection. This guide will break down every fishing environment and the best places to fish within them in Fortnite.

Best fishing spots in Fortnite

Contrary to popular belief, the best spots are not just those with the most fishing holes. Instead, you will want to head to specific regions on the map that hold fishing rods nearby and exclusive fish. Most fish can only be discovered in one of five environments: mountainous, swamp, forest, coastal, and desert. You can find the perfect places to fish in these regions marked and detailed below.

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  1. Mountainous: There is no better spot to fish in mountainous areas than Fisher’s Paradise, the tiny island that sits west of Logjam Junction. It is rarely visited by other players and holds several barrels of fishing rods.
  2. Swamp: Players hunting for fish in Swamp areas can head to Loot Lodge, the island that rests at the center of Loot Lake. Each inch of the lake hosts swarms of fish, especially those exclusive to the ecosystem.
  3. Forest: The best spot to catch Forest area fish is at the stream between Chrome Crossroads and Herald’s Sanctum. Although any body of water in this grassy region can be just as promising, the small area is guaranteed to spawn with at least three fishing rods nearby.
  4. Coastal: Whether you’re catching Coastal floppers or looking to take a break from gunfights, the small island northwest of Herald’s Sanctum is peaceful and quite plentiful with its own special fish. Better yet, players can find fishing rod barrels at each corner of its beach.
  5. Desert: You won’t run into many Desert areas with fishing rods, but the Horse Shoe Hideout landmark has you covered. Its body of water is even guaranteed to lend you Desert fish within moments.

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Aside from region-exclusive fish, there are some with other requirements. For instance, each type of fish has a black variant that can only be caught at night. You will be able to catch these a few minutes into a match once the sun has begun to go down, though it will come back up after a short time — so you better act fast. Meanwhile, there is a small number of fish that require you to use a Pro Fishing Rod to reel in. If you’re chasing after a fish of this sort, you can take your regular old rod over to an Upgrade Bench location to turn it into a Pro Fishing Rod for a small price of Gold.