The best Fortnite Creative maps to practice building

Get the most out of your time.

Fortnite Creative

Creative Mode is one of the best methods of practicing in Fortnite. Whether it be your accuracy, movement, building, or editing, Creative allows you to enhance your skills more than regular Fortnite matches will allow. However, there’s one aspect of the battle royale that players like to practice over anything else, and that’s building. Luckily, creators from all around the globe have designed maps specifically for practicing building.

Building/Aim/Edit Map

Image via Dropnite

Created by user Rec_Kolpikcz, this map is a terrific tool for practicing all of your abilities in Fortnite. However, most use it for the staircase and editing practice. On the map, there is a giant staircase that you can repeatedly build up to. After you reach the top, you can die instantly and repeat the process all over again.

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Training Island v5

Image via Teadoh

Coming to us courtesy of YouTuber Teadoh, we have another jack-of-all-trades Creative map. While the aiming section is fantastic, the building practice is where the map really shines. Once you enter the building section of the map, Teadoh has laid out specific instructions for how to do the various building tasks. The tasks range from all matters of situations that you’ll face in Fortnite, making it terrific practice for the real thing.

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Cook’s Warm Up Course

Image via Cook

Focusing more on the editing side of building, Cook’s Warm Up Course is a great stress test for your skills. The map throws a ton of different situations at you and really gets you in the right state of mind for a Fortnite match. Spending 30 minutes to an hour on this map will undoubtedly improve your skills in Fortnite.

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