The best Juliette builds in Omega Strikers

Dash alongside this early-game speedster.

Image via Odyssey Interactive

When you begin your journey into Omega Strikers, you always start off with the rambunctious Juliette at your side. This base-game striker is aggressive and speedy, moving around the board and badgering the enemy at every turn. If you want to stick to practicing with Juliette and improve her skills, here’s how to build her Trainings so that she can be her strongest.

How does Juliette work in Omega Strikers?

Juliette is the only Striker you get to practice with before playing with real people since there is no practice mode yet. She’s the kind of Striker that gets into the enemy’s face and bullies them. While she doesn’t hit as heavy as others, she does move quickly. So, she does her best out in the open field as a forward, causing trouble for the enemy team. If you play competitively with Juliette, take her on the offensive where she shines.

What are the best Trainings for Juliette?

In Omega Strikers, all characters get “Trainings” that help them be stronger. You get default options, but you can change them out in your personal lobby. For forward-focused characters like Juliette, that normally means one Training that boosts speed, another that boosts power, and then a third flex boost from other categories.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The best Trainings for Juliette currently are Crossover, Tempo Swing, and Extra Special. Crossover increases Haste, Tempo Swing does bonus damage, and Extra Special decreases Special ability cooldown. The faster and harder Juliette can hit, the better. Rapid Fire also isn’t a bad option, because it reduces your primary ability cooldown.

If you end up in an unlucky goalie situation when queueing with friends, know being Juliette gives you a disadvantage. However, abilities like Super Surge, Built Differently, and Heavy Handed should help you survive the experience. If you can though, better goalie options include Asher, Atlas, Dubu, Kai, and Luna.