Omega Strikers’ ranking system, explained – How ranks work

Rise through the competitive ranks of Omega Strikers!

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Omega Strikers has taken the sports brawler genre by storm with its up-tempo gameplay and brilliantly created graphics. Just like any other competitive sport, the game’s ultimate goal is to be the best and in order to get to the top, players have to go through several different tiers. But with new players always joining, learning how the rank system works becomes all the more important. With the use of our guide, you’ll be familiarized with Omega Strikers’ ranking system in no time.

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How does the ranking system work in Omega Strikers?

Omega Strikers’ ranking system has a total of eight tiers that players can be classified in. The different tiers in the game include Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Challenger, and Omega. Progressing through each rank isn’t as straightforward as it seems because each one also has its own divisions, such as Mid Bronze and High Bronze, that players must get through in order to move to the next level. All new players begin in the Rookie tier and in order to advance to the next rank of High Rookie, a certain amount of league points, otherwise known as LP, must be earned by playing and winning in ranked matches.

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LP can be earned in these matches with a victory but they can similarly be lost in a defeat. Points awarded after wins range between 20 to 35 points while points deducted after losses are usually between 5 to 15 points. Additionally, unlike the unranked game mode, characters may also be banned in ranked games depending on a random player’s choice so familiarity with different characters is a must in these competitive matches. However, the ranked game mode isn’t immediately accessible to new players as it must first be unlocked by accomplishing a variety of missions that help beginners become acclimated to the game’s mechanics.