The best PBX-45 loadout in Battlefield 2042

Maximize the game’s starting smg.

The PBX-45 is the starting SMG in the Battlefield 2042 beta. By default, it’s unremarkable. With a little bit of tweaking, though, it can become a competent assault weapon. Because the PBX is an SMG, you’ll want attachments that maximize its damage in the close to mid-range.

We recommend using the following listed attachments for the best gains in most scenarios:

  • Sight – Maul Hybrid 1.5-3X
  • Barrel – Extended Barrel
  • Stock – High Power
  • Mount – Standard Issue

With these attachments, The PBX-45’s stats are as follows:

  • Firepower – 35
  • Accuracy – 55
  • Range – 57
  • Handling – 47

For comparison, these are the base stats without attachments:

  • Firepower – 30
  • Accuracy – 40
  • Range – 42
  • Handling – 57

Handling takes the biggest cut in favor of maximizing accuracy, range, and firepower. Given this weapon is designed for close to mid-range engagements, the standard handling is overkill. Our reduced handling stats are plenty useful for the gun’s intended range.

However, thanks to Battlefield 2042’s on-the-fly weapon attachment system, minor adjustments can be made in the moment to suit particular situations. For enemies falling just outside the player’s comfort window, change to the K8 Hold sight. The bump it provides to handling such make managing enemies in the distance a little more manageable.

The PBX-45 pairs best with the Support specialist and standard Medic package. The weapon’s limited firepower, even at its max, makes it better suited to being part of a unit as opposed to a more lone-wolf playstyle.