The best place to farm Philanemo Mushroom in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has lots of different plants you can collect in the game, used for various purposes such as using them as cooking ingredients or for character ascension. One of these plants is the Philanemo Mushrooms, a plant necessary to ascend characters such as Klee, Barbara, and Mona.

You can find Philanemo Mushrooms throughout the towns located in Mondstadt, and they’ll typically be found on the walls or roofs of buildings.

Philanemo Mushroom locations in Genshin Impact

The Philanemo Mushrooms are found only in Mondstadt, and you’ll find them in the major towns or cities. Below are all of the Philanemo Mushroom locations in Genshin Impact.

The Philanemo Mushrooms are evenly spread out throughout Mondstadt and Springvale, so these should be your main targets when farming these plants. Once you exhaust yourself of Philanemo Mushrooms in your realm, don’t forget that you can wait a few days for them to reappear. Collectible items in the overworld refresh every few days, so you can return to these locations once some time passes.

If you need some very quickly, you can visit Chloris on the path to the east of Windrise. She will sell you some Philanemo Mushrooms for 1000 Mora each, but will only be able to sell you five of them every three days.

What are Philanemo Mushrooms used for in Genshin Impact?

Philanemo Mushrooms are primarily an ascension material used to ascend certain characters. Currently, only three characters use Philanemo Mushroom for ascension, and no weapons use Philanemo Mushroom for ascension. The characters who use this plant for ascension are Klee, Mona, and Barbara.

Philanemo Mushrooms are mentioned in the universe as ingredients for certain food items. However, you should know that there isn’t a recipe in the game yet that utilizes this material. In other words, if you have completely ascended all of the above characters or do not own one of them, you might not need to spend time farming for this plant.