The best Pokémon counters to Landorus (Therian) in Pokémon Go

These Pokémon are ready to defeat Landorus (Therian).

Image via Niantic

The standard Landorus (Incarnate) Pokémon is already one of the best Pokémon to use in Pokémon Go. With Landorus (Therian), the Pokémon receives a massive attack boost, and you can expect it to be a complicated fight in the game. We’ve broken down the two weaknesses Landorus (Therian) has, Ice and Water-types. Here, we will list our favorite counters to topple this powerful giant in both five-star raids and PvP. You can expect to see Landorus (Therian) becoming a staple in the Master League category of the Battle League.

Best Pokémon counters to Landorus (Therian)


Gyarados will be a good Pokémon to counter Landorus (Therian) in both PvP and five-star raids. It’s a superior Water-type with access to Dragon and Flying-type attacks, giving it a little bit of diversity in PvP. When it comes to five-star raids, you want to focus on using Gyarados’ fast move dragon breath to generate throughout the fight rapidly so that it can use its most powerful charged move, aqua tail. In PvP, you typically encounter a Gyarados with the charged attack crunch, but for five-star raids against Landorus (Therian), you might do better with hydro pump.


Ho-Oh is another stronger Pokémon to use against Landorus. It’s a Fire and Flying-type Pokémon, possessing none of Landorus’ weaknesses, but when it comes to PvP, it’s powerful enough to endure and beat this Pokémon. It’s not going to serve you too well for five-star raids. We’d recommend not using Ho-Oh for those types of battles. Ho-Oh beats Landorus (Therian) in PvP because of the fast move incinerate, giving the Pokémon a distinct edge during the battle, despite Landorus (Therian) having a super effective attack in its moveset. Ho-Oh’s defenses typically hold, so long as you have a shield ready.


Kyogre is an obvious legendary Pokémon to counter Landorus (Therian). It’s a powerful Water-type type with a suitable moveset that is super effective against Landorus (Therian). You can use Kyogre in both PvP and five-star raids, and it will be a primary Pokémon to keep Landorus (Therian) in check. Not only does Kyogre have several Water-type attacks, but it also has a robust defense, meaning it can remain healthy after a fight with Landorus (Therian) to fight another Pokémon.


Lugia is another legendary Pokémon that can feel like a risk when used against Landorus (Therian). It’s a Flying and Psychic-type Pokémon with primarily Flying-type charged attacks. The best fat attack it can use is dragon tail. None of its moves are super effective against Landorus. However, Lugia has an absurd amount of defense, and slightly more health, giving it the edge against Landorus (Therian) because it can withstand most of its attack and outlast it. Much like Ho-Oh, you want to stick to using Lugia against Landorus (Therian) in PvP.


Mamoswine is a Pokémon many would expect to see to counter Landorus (Therian). It’s a Ground and Ice-type Pokémon with a powerful Ice-type fast move, powder snow, and strong charged moves. Mamoswine is the opposite to Lugia and Ho-Oh, where it has far more attack power than it does defense, meaning it needs to lean into the fact that it can use super effective moves against Landorus (Therian), and win.


A Swampert with access to XL candy, you’re looking at a Pokémon that can dominate in every category of the Battle League. Swampert is a high-caliber meta choice for the Great and Ultra League, and when it comes to the Master League, you can turn it into the most powerful Pokémon by filling it up with XL candy. This puts it right up there above many of the legendary Pokémon and is the perfect counter to Landorus (Therian) for PvP and five-star raids. You’ll be hard-pressed to fight a superior Water-type, even with Kyogre.