The best running backs in Madden NFL 21

Always bet on your backfield.

Apparently running 1,000 yards, while injured, during the second half of a season didn’t help Saquon Barkley’s case for being a 95 or above rated back. EA Sports has released Madden 21‘s player ratings for the best running backs in the league, and though the current state of powerful backs in the league is at an arguable all-time high, there is only one deemed suitable for the sought-after 99 rating. The full list is below.

It is quite shocking to see names like Aaron Jones in the mix, as his name has been in trade rumors lately. Also surprising, Falcons’ Todd Gurley has not cracked the top 10, as he was the highest-rated back in Madden 20, with a 97 Overall. We will have to see where he and other backs land when Madden NFL 21 releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, on August 28. Aside from veteran running backs, Madden has also shown off the top offensive rookies in the next installment.

Here is who reached the top 10 overall (in order from best):

  • Panthers’ Christian McCaffrey – 99 Overall
    • Notably high subset: 96 Juke.
  • Raiders’ Derrick Henry – 93 Overall
    • Notably high subset: 93 Break Tackle.
  • Browns’ Nick Chubb – 92 Overall
    • Notably high subsets: 97 Break Tackle, 92 Speed.
  • Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliot – 92 Overall
    • Notably high subset: 91 Juke.
  • Giants’ Saquon Barkley – 91 Overall
    • Notably high subsets: 91 Break Tackle, 94 Juke, 92 Speed.
  • Vikings’ Dalvin Cook – 91 Overall
    • Notably high subsets: 88 Break Tackle, 93 Juke.
  • Packers’ Aaron Jones – 90 Overall
    • Notably high subset: 92 Juke.
  • Bengals’ Joe Mixon – 89 Overall
    • Notably high subset: 88 Break Tackle.
  • Raiders’ Josh Jacobs – 88 Overall
    • Notably high subset: 94 Break Tackle.
  • Saints’ Alvin Kamara – 88 Overall
    • Notably high subset: 90 Break Tackle.