The best skins for Revenant in Apex Legends

If looks could kill.

Best Revenant Skins

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Kaleb “Revenant” Cross is a former human, turned super soldier, turned vengeful killing machine, but that doesn’t mean he can’t take lives in style. When we look past his tragic backstory and kill count, Revenant actually has some of the coolest and most creative skins in Apex Legends, from ones that transform him into fantastical beings, to ones that play up his robotic attributes. Without any further ado, here are Revenant’s 10 best skins.

Top 10 Revenant Skins

This list is in order from the 10th best, all the way up to the very best skin at the bottom. These skins are earned in a variety of ways, such as Prime Gaming, limited-time events, past battle passes, and in-store promotions, as well as year-round buyable skins. That said, this is not a ‘how-to guide’ on how to get them, and will not detail how to do such. Some will never even be available again. It is almost purely rating the aesthetics.

10. From the Deep (Epic)

From the Deep
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This skin barely made the list, because the execution isn’t great, but we love Revenant as a pirate.

9. Teal Torment (Rare)

Teal Torment
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The cool dark slate colors mixed with teal on this skin make for a basic, but bold look.

8. The Afterlife (Legendary)

The Afterlife
Images via Respawn

If you ever wanted to be an ancient bird god that looks strawberry kiwi flavored, do we have the skin for you.

7. Gilded Rose (Rare)

Gilded Rose
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This Valentine’s Day Twitch Prime skin adds a haunting sense of romance to our killer robot friend.

6. Blood Ritual (Legendary)

Blood Ritual
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This stunning recolor is an intimidating and stunning skin — we’re getting into the best of the best here.

5. Unholy Beast (Legendary)

Unholy Beast
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Being able to play as a hellish demon is pretty damn cool — pun fully intended.

4. Frost Ancient (Legendary)

Frost Ancient
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Seeing Revenant with an organic feel and a winter theme is such a bold design choice.

3. Deathproof (Legendary)

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This sleek, high futuristic skin has a great color palette, and it perfectly accentuates Revenant’s hourglass figure.

2. Sacred Divinity (Legendary)

Sacred Divinity
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This skin is very avant-garde horror. It stands out, because, honestly? It’s actually scary. And we love that.

1. A Gaze Eternal (Legendary)

A Gaze Eternal
Images via Respawn

This skin may be the best skin in Apex Legends. We can’t talk about it enough. This looks like a standalone character you would see in a story-driven game that would have people talking about it for months. As much as we love Apex Legends, it almost feels like this character model is too incredible to not be in something that can center around it. The marble and metallic gold, the multiple faces, the uncanny valley of Revenant’s face looking both organic and artificial at the same time — 10 out of 10.