The best Slime combos in Slime Rancher 2

Merging makes food easy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The farming-exploration hybrid Slime Rancher 2 has many various tricks you can use to maximize efficiency. One of the tried-and-true aspects returning from the original Slime Rancher is being able to combine two slime types into a singular large Slime, called Largo’s. The purpose behind this is it allows players to save on space, especially within the Conservatory, where players will be spending a lot of time. Figuring out the best Slime combos, or Largo’s, will help players immensely — here’s our list of the best possible Slime combos in Slime Rancher 2.

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Best Slime combos in Slime Rancher 2

We’ll try to order these from the first-encountered to last encountered, so players are maximizing time and space immediately.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Pink + Phosphor Slime
    • Favorite food — Cuberry
    • Ensure you have the Solar Shield for the Corral, else your Largo’s will pop!
    • Pink has no preferred food, so matching them with Phosphor adopts the favorite food of the secondary, Cuberries, which is an early-game food.
  • Cotton + Tabby Slime
    • Favorite food — Water Lettuce
    • Tabby Slimes can quickly become a headache in early game with their meat demands, and having the financials necessary to have a high-level pen is out of reach. Instead, take the Cotton Slime Plorts and feed them Water Lettuce.
  • Honey + Flutter Slime
    • Favorite food — Mint Mango
    • Honey Slimes preferred food of Mint Mango is far easier to obtain as they can be farmed, and they’re found about the same area. Moondew Nectar cannot be farmed in-house, making it an undesirable primary food source.
  • Rock + Angler Slime
    • Favorite food — Heart Beets
    • Found in roughly the same area of Starlight Strand, Anglers want Sea Hens as a preferred food. Mixing them with Rock Slimes makes a far easier ask, and it’s wonderful to watch them blind themselves.
  • Boom + Batty Slime
    • Favorite food — Pomegranate
    • You’ll find these two cavorting about in Ember Valley, although Batty’s prefer to hang out on higher elevations. Pomegranates, the preferred food of the Batty, can be farmed easier than Briar Hens for Boom Slimes.
  • Crystal + Phosphor (Cuberry), or Honey (Mint Mango), or Batty (Pomegranate), or Cotton (Lettuce)
    • Favorite food — dependent on merge
    • Crystal is the odd one out, and its desired food of Odd Onion is a chore to grow as it requires carrots. Merge it with any preferred vegetarian (depending on the Plort market) to handle it.
      • This same tactic should be used with Ringtails, as they don’t have a favorite food. Merging them will allow doubled Plort production.