The best terminals to hack locations in Fallout 76

“I’m in.”

Screenshot by Gamepur

Daily challenges in Fallout 76 provide an exciting way for players to earn rewards and bonuses by accomplishing various tasks. From eliminating enemies to crafting specific items and discovering new areas on the map, there is always something fresh and stimulating to explore in the Fallout 76 world. One of your dailies will have you engage in one of the franchise’s long-running mechanics – hacking terminals. Of course, you’ll want to keep this as streamlined as possible, so we’ve collected a list of the easiest terminals to hack.

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The easiest terminals to hack to complete your Fallout 76 daily challenges

As mentioned, daily quests are supposed to be a breeze — simple to knock out and worth the effort for a nice prize to keep you coming back for more. To that end, here are the easiest-to-spot, level 0 terminals you can hack in Fallout 76. In addition, we have included some in-game map screenshots of the least challenging of the bunch.

  • Camp McClintock’s Main Building Terminal
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Fuel Storage Room Terminal
  • Garrahan Mining Headquarters’ CEO Terminal
  • The Whitesprings Resort’s General Manager Office Terminal 
  • General’s Steakhouse’s The Manager’s Terminal
  • Harper’s Ferry Armorer Terminal
  • Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center’s Macfadden’s Terminal
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Wade Airport’s Control Tower Terminal
  • Morgantown Airport’s basement area Terminal 
  • Morgantown Airport’s Storage Room Terminal
  • Mama Dolce’s Food Processing’s Manager Smith Terminal
  • Poseidon Energy Plant’s Receptionist Terminal
  • Landview Lighthouse keeper’s Terminal
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Pick the location closest to you and either make your way there by foot or fast traveling if you can spare some caps.

How to hack a terminal in Fallout 76

Successfully hacking terminals requires a combination of talent, cunning, and luck as players decipher passwords amidst a flurry of symbols and letters. The more challenging the Terminal, the more intricate the password, and the fewer the attempts to get it right. You could find the password by trial and error — trying each word you see on the Terminal’s screen. Still, if you fail four times, the Terminal will lock, so you might want to keep a tutorial on hacking terminals handy