How to get Glowing Fungus in Fallout 76

The most helpful fungus.

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The wasteland of Fallout 76 is filled with various vegetation and animals for you to track down. The materials gathered from these will keep your character going and prevent them from starving. One of the many plants in the game is Glowing Fungus. This fungus might not sound appealing but it will certainly keep your character alive. You can also make some pretty delicious meals out of it. This guide will show you how to get Glowing Fungus in Fallout 76.

Where to find Glowing Fungus in Fallout 76

When it comes to vegetation in Appalachia, it can sometimes be pretty difficult to spot. Wild flowers, vegetables, and fruits are everywhere but not all of them can be eaten. Luckily, Glowing Fungus is one of the easier plants to spot in the game thanks to its bright green color. It is also very plentiful, making it easy to obtain on pretty much any server that you enter.

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Glowing fungi appear in quite a few places around the map and typically spawn in large groups, giving you plenty to pick when you come across it. If you are looking for Glowing Fungus, check the following areas:

  • Nearly 50 Glowing Fungi spawn around the river in Flatwoods
  • Almost 50 Glowing Fungi can be found under the tunnel and around the roads between Watoga and Abandoned Bog Town
  • A large group of Glowing Fungi can be found around the Abandoned Waste Dump
  • A group of Glowing Fungi can be found in the Carson Family Bunker

The best place to obtain Glowing Fungi is in Flatwoods. You can easily travel to this location at the start of the game and you can return at any time for free by traveling to Vault 76 and heading south.

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Glowing Fungus is an ingredient in many different recipes with some of them being healing items that you can use when you catch diseases. The following items can be made using Glowing Fungus:

  • Bloatfly Loaf
  • Detoxing Slave
  • Disease Cure (Cranberry Bog)
  • Disease Cure (The Mire)
  • Glowing Fungus Pureé
  • Glowing Fungus Soup
  • Healing Salve (The Mire)
  • RadAway

As you can see, Glowing Fungus is a stable ingredient in a large number of recipes with one of the most important being RadAway since it removes your radiation. You can even use Glowing Fungus to make alcohol at a brewing station.