The best Unblocked games like Fortnite you can play at school

While we don’t condone not paying attention in school, these games are still pretty fun.

Image via End Game

Let’s face it: school is boring. Spending a full workday in a cramped building far from home, all the while learning things that may or may not apply to what they do later in life, students deserve to give themselves a bit of a break, unwinding with a few video games from time to time.

In olden times — which is to say, before 2021 — students with a few minutes of free access to the school computers would find one or two reliable Flash game websites that were under-the-radar enough to avoid the school network’s firewalls, finding some short-term fun in the games it could provide. With the end of Flash’s active life-cycle in December 2020, however, a handful of browser-based standalone games have risen to fill this role.

Browser games work best for students to play at school, as they don’t require any downloads, are often free to start, and feature short, drop-in and drop-out gameplay loops that can be closed once teachers get wise to one of their pupils slacking off. Keep in mind, though, that access to these games may change once a given school adjusts their firewall settings to account for a particular game.


Image via Krunker

Krunker is a fast-paced first-person arena shooter that plays within a browser tab. Hosting its own servers, it can queue players into a populated match with as little as a single click, making it ideal to hop into for a few lives between doing research for a report and drafting an essay.

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Zombs Royale

Screenshot by Gamepur

Students looking for a midday Fortnite alternative can find value in Zombs Royale, an online battle royale browser game. While differing from the battle royale behemoth in its top-down, two-dimensional perspective, the short length of time required to play a round of Zombs Royale makes it easy to pick up and put down once work needs to get done or the teacher’s eyes wander the classroom.

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