How to create a server in Krunker

We’ll get you started with Krunker — on a budget.

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Krunker is well-known for being a relatively low-cost shooter on the behalf of the player. The free-to-play browser-based game, with low minimum system requirements and admirable performance on weaker systems, also features an integrated, free-to-use server hosting system. 

Getting started

From the main menu, the player can select Host Game at the bottom left. This button presents the player with a trifold of options for the type of game they want to host.


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This option simplifies the server setup process, basing itself primarily around commonly accepted competitive Krunker meta. The map pool in this competitive mode is limited to five. Clicking on any or all of these maps’ portraits will activate them for server rotation.

  • Sandstorm
  • Undergrowth
  • Lumber
  • Site
  • Bureau

Additionally, players can make minor adjustments to features such as team sizes, class limits, number of rounds, and round lengths, providing hosts with a small degree of wiggle room when it comes to how their competitive Krunker is played.

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Less restrictive than its competitive counterpart, custom games allow their hosts to change virtually everything about the server they’re about to play on. This is the likely go-to option for casual players looking to host their ideal game of Krunker.

Rather than focusing on a competitive playstyle, custom games opt to let hosts select any or all of Krunker’s 25 game modes, from first-person shooter staples like Gun Game and Kill Confirmed, to minigames like Prop Hunt and Simon Says.

Additionally, the host can disable any of the 15 player classes, should their attributes not be conducive to the gameplay at hand. For example, sluggish classes like the Rocketeer could be disabled in servers with movement-based game modes such as Race or Parkour.

Furthermore, hosts have the power to tweak the statistics of any weapon, class, or effect in their game. Should a host want to arm incredibly fast Hunters with rapid-fire, instakill Sniper Rifles that have very violent recoil per shot, this is the ideal environment to test these settings in. Unrestricted in map pool, custom games allow for any combination of the game’s 19 official maps. 


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While the custom server settings allow hosts to play their preferred game, that game abruptly ends once the host disconnects, booting every other player from the server and closing it until that host comes back to the game.

To counteract this closure, Krunker provides rentable dedicated servers that can, for the cost of several thousand Krunkies, host a particular game and ruleset around the clock for upwards of 30 days.