The Collie Shangles case guide – Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

It seems a sailor has been stabbed.

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It appears that someone has been stabbed at the Golden Eel bar. Sherlock is on the case, but first, he must find the bar’s location and learn the facts of the case. Here is how to complete the Collie Shangles Case in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.

You find the Collie Shangles case after completing the training course at the police station. This optional case is retrieved by viewing the case board near the reception desk of the station.

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The information from the case states that the Golden Eel bar is located on Scarlet St in the Old City, west of Sesame St. Pull out your map for this one because it is a decent journey. Check the map above to find the bar quickly.

Once you arrive, enter the bar. You are now at an active crime scene. Check around for the five markers that indicate clues in the case. Starting with number one, they are:

  • A spilled beer mug
  • A broken table and glasses
  • Shards of a broken bottle with blood on them
  • A broken oak chair
  • A fishing knife with blood splattered around it

After viewing all of the clues, you will be able to reconstruct the events by interacting with the glowing white orb.

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During the reconstruction of the events, place each of the figures in the ways listed below. We are listing them starting with the first clue marker.

  • First clue: Place the Sailor next to Trader. The Trader spilled his beer on the Sailor.
  • Second clue: Place the Trader on the left in a punching position. The Solier is going through the table nearby.
  • Third clue: Place the image of the Worker hitting a man with a bottle.
  • Fourth clue: Place the image of the Sailor holding a the chair.
  • Fifth clue: Place the image of the Soldier stabbing the Sailor.
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After completing the reconstruction, return to the Cordona Police Station to retrieve your reward.