The Cycle – The Factions


Players in The Cycle are hired to roam a planet, competing against others to complete contracts within a 20-minute time slot. The players who complete the most contracts, and successfully escapes the world, wins. Before every match, players choose which of the three companies they want to perform contracts for. Completing contracts and through a game gives a player better standing with that faction, granting them access to higher-level abilities and weapons. Here are the three factions players can choose.

The Factions in The Cycle


This faction leans more heavily towards humans than any of the three. They also have the most power in terms of political ties. However, the galaxy-run Federation is consistently watching over the folks at this location, to ensure they play by the rules. No matter how many people they buy, or how much power they acquire.

Those who align more with this faction are going to unlock weapons that have heavier weapons. The switch-off is these weapons do not have as high of a firing-rate, and they’re relatively straightforward. There’s extremely little room for players to adapt to a situation.


This faction was founded as a scientific effort, keen on studying the new environment of the planet, Fortuna III. It’s made up of those from an unknown parent company, run by the young, charismatic, Emanuel Sullivan. Sullivan sees Fortuna III as a new playground for scientific discovery, interested in finding a way to capture the unique environment of the planet for the company’s uses.

Players who assist this faction are going to find the Osiris’ weapons are far quicker the abilities give characters a great deal of evasion. The one problem being is these weapons won’t hit as hard, and players need to think outside the box while using them.


The final faction is the Independent Civilian Advisory, the ICA. They were founded to assist those without a formal government to have their basic needs met when they were outside of the galaxy’s Federation. Those within the faction also seek to benefit humanity as a whole, looking to push themselves beyond the standards of living many of them are used to while under a traditional corporation. The big difference with the ICA is that while it may act similar to a corporation, it’s more of a form of government when the official government cannot function.

The weapons and equipment created by this faction are made to act like the medium ground between all three. Players can use these weapons and adapt to almost any situation they find themselves in on Fortuna III.