The Division 2: How To Purchase Premium Currency and Where To Use It

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For those interested in acquiring the cosmetic items in The Division 2, you have the option of looking around and potentially looting them throughout your time playing the game. However, you can also take a more direct approach and use real money to purchase the game’s Premium Currency. With this currency, you have the option to buy various items in the game’s premium store. No, none of these items affect how strong of a character you have. Everything in the store is purely cosmetic, so do not feel obligated to buy any of it.

The Division 2 Premium Currency: Where To Use It

Where Can You Buy It?

To find these options, open up the apparel store by either going the game’s Main Menu and clicking the Apparel tab underneath your character’s level.

You can also locate this screen in your Central Menu where all of your weapons and gear is displayed. In the central menu, look up to the top right and click on the Jacket icon, and you’ll view the apparel items your Division agent is presently wearing. From there, click the Apparel Store tab and you’ll jump into the premium store.

When you’re in the Premium Store, you need to go to the top right, and you’ll see seven different tabs to click on. You want to click the one furthest on the right, the one that looks like an odd S symbol with two lines through it. Click this, and you’ll have the chance to purchase your Premium Currency.

How Much Is it?

There are different payment options available to players, depending on how many Premium Currency tokens you’re interested in acquiring. Here they are, along with the bonus coins based on how much you buy.

  • $4.99 – 500 Premium Credits
  • $9.99 – 1050 Premium Credits (1000 + 50 Bonus)
  • $19.99 – 2250 Premium Credits (2000 + 250 Bonus)
  • $34.99 – 4100 Premium Credits (3500 + 600 Bonus)
  • $49.99 – 6500 Premium Credits (5000 + 1500 Bonus)

There’s a special Welcome Pack available for $14.99, which gets you 2000 Premium Credits (1500 + 500 Bonus), along with the special Charades emote, which is an exclusive item that comes with the pack.

What Can You Use on Premium Currency

There are five different products you can use these Premium Credits on.

  • Outfits, which is made up of an entire set of apparel items. For example, there’s a Park Ranger outfit, an Honor Guard outfit, a Coast Guard outfit, and more. These are the most expensive items
  • Single apparel items you can mix and match to create any look for your Division agent
  • Emotes your Division agent can perform at the click of a button
  • Weapon Skins
  • Apparel Caches, which are loot boxes that have a wide variety of apparel items and emotes in them. Players have the potential to loot something worth far more than what they put into it, but it’s all based on luck

There’s plenty for players to purchase in The Division 2’s Premium Store. Again, none of these items improve a player’s gameplay or their character’s stats. These are all cosmetic items.