The Division 2: When Does The Game Release?

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With The Division 2 almost here, it’s time to ensure you’re ready to play the game. Did you pre-order the game? Did pre-load everything and you can fire it up when Ubisoft turns on the servers? We answer all of those questions, and more, below, so you can start saving Washington D.C. as soon as possible.

The Division 2 Unlock Times

When Can You Preload The Game?

For players who purchased the Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, Dark Zone Collector’s Edition or the Phoenix Shield Collector’s Edition, you should already have access to The Division 2. If you haven’t preloaded it already, download the game now and feel free to jump in because you’re able to play.

As of right now, only players how have the standard edition have access to preloading the game, which you should have access to on March 13 at midnight, in your respective region. For example, if you’re in North America, you can preload the game at midnight at EST, and if you’re in Japan, you can start your preload at midnight at JST.

When you’re allowed access to this, you can download it by going to your digital version of the game in your respective hardware’s marketplace and get started. However, you’re still going to have to endure the dreaded hefty day one patch. This patch is roughly 45GB to 50GB for Xbox One and PC players, while the PlayStation 4 players will have to download a 90GB patch.

Ubisoft suggests that Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 players all uninstall their Private Beta or Open Beta versions of The Division 2 if they haven’t done so already. By doing this, players should have more space on their hard drives available for the full game on release date.

When Do The Servers Go Live?

The official release date for The Division 2 is on March 15 at midnight. Much like the preload times, every player should have access to the game on midnight in your respective region. Ubisoft created a helpful infographic for this occassion.

The Division 2 Release Schedule

There’s a whole lot of The Division 2 to explore, so hopefully you get in as soon as you’re able to and can begin your journey through Washington D.C.