The five best Box Fight room codes for Fortnite

Test your skills in a series of aim-intensive deathmatches with Fortnite’s Box Fight mode.

Image via Epic Games

Box Fight is a popular genre of Fortnite Creative maps that focuses on close-range deathmatching by placing opposing players inside a very small “box” — a square room of unbreakable walls — and forcing them to battle it out. Provided with little to no cover or building materials within this box, few weapon types, and only a handful of shield pickups, you’re down to just your movement and aim to beat opponents in this very quick game mode. As small rooms of this type are very easy to build, plenty of room codes exist for players to hone their in-game skills.

BOX FIGHT | 1v1 (9335-1088-7690)

Image via Epic Games

As the name implies, this Box Fight Creative map is designed specifically with one-on-one fights in mind. As a result of this two-player capacity, this box is much thinner than most other rooms of the type, forcing the two opponents closer together in a high-intensity fight.

Box Fight 1v1v1v1 (3157-7847-5912)

Image via Epic Games

As Fortnite’s battle royale mode tends to encourage playing in teams of up to four players, you’re given very few chances to have a truly free-for-all fight. This Box Fight map, however, features an FFA deathmatch for up to four players, where only one can win.

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BOX FIGHT PVP WITH STORM (8793-2189-2608)

Image via Epic Games

While still rather narrow in its own right, this tiny box supports fights of up to 16 players, allowing for chaotic shootouts between four squads of four players each. Limited to the standard AR, Pump Shotgun, and SMG, teams are left to their own mechanical ability to try and win these quick duels. Further complicating this game mode is a rapidly shrinking storm that further reduces the playable area inside the box, forcing players of all teams closer together.

Classic Box Fight (2515-7963-7822)

Image via Epic Games

Upon first glance, the box included with this Box Fight map may look much larger than others tend to be. Looks can be deceiving, however, as the green floor tiles at its center are all trapped, instantly downing any player who walks over them. As the darker floor tiles at the sides are safe to stand on, this map emphasizes medium to long-range shootouts, placing more importance on crosshair placement and hitscan tracking when aiming at enemies.

Clix Box Fights (7620-0771-9529)

Image via Epic Games

What sets this Box Fight map apart from others of the type is that Clix allows you to select a particular loadout and set of weapons before setting foot in the box. Use this version to practice playing through certain stages of your gear and hotbar setup throughout a match.

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