The Flying Cup Pokémon tier list in Pokémon Go – July 2022

What Flying-type Pokémon will you be using?

Image via Pokémon Go’s Twitter

The Flying Cup returns to Pokémon Go. You will have a chance to pit some of the best Flying-type Pokémon against other players in this limited-time event. You will only have access to a handful of Pokémon, limiting your options for these battles. In this guide, were going to cover a Pokémon tier list for the Flying Cup in Pokémon Go.

Flying Cup tier list

You will need to use a Pokémon with a Flying-type associated with them, and they cannot exceed 1,500 CP. It’s important to note that because of how many limited Pokémon there will be for this competition, we will be listing a smaller number of tier Pokémon in our lists.

Lead tier list

The Lead Pokémon will be the first choice you use during the battle. You will want to find a balance of attack and defense power, making them a difficult Pokémon to fight against right at the start.

SAerodactyl, Skarmory, and Mantine
AArticuno, Emolga, and Mandibuzz
BAltaria, Gyarados (Shadow), and Togekiss
CArticuno, Gligar, and Zapdos
DDragonite, Drifblim, and Talonflame

Switch tier list

The Switch Pokémon can be a heavy attacker or one that is perfect for protecting the weaknesses of your Lead and Closer Pokémon. You will want to be careful when using this Pokémon and save a shield for them during the battles.

SAerodactyl, Altaria, and Emolga
ALugia, Mandibuzz, and Drifblim
BGligar, Gliscor, and Zapdos
CMantine, Skarmory, and Swanna
DArticuno (Shadow), Pelipper, and Togekiss

Closer tier list

The Closer Pokémon is the final Pokémon on your roster. You typically want to use this Pokémon last, and you don’t want to save any shields for it. Your shields should be used for your Lead and Switch Pokémon.

SEmolga, Mantine, and Zapdos
AAltaria, Drifblim, and Skarmory
BDragonite, Mandibuzz, and Pelipper
CArticuno, Charizard, and Lugia
DGligar, Honchkrow, and Talonflame