The four Best Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege

Don’t give the Attackers a chance.

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Rainbow Six Siege is packed with Operators for you to choose from on both the Attacker and Defender teams. Each season adds a new one to the mix in addition to the balance changes and map reworks Ubisoft releases with each seasonal update. However, the game now has so many that it’s hard to know which ones are the best. This guide covers the four best Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege based on how easy they are to use and how much they benefit your team.


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Mute is one of the original Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege. He’s got a decent loadout with an SMG and shotgun to suit long-range combat or close-quarters encounters. His gadget, the Signal Disruptor, is easy to set up and works a treat for your team. It disables all electronic gadgets within range, meaning that drones, cameras, and everything else will be useless until the device has been destroyed.


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If you’re ever unsure of which Defender to pick, Pulse is a solid choice. He’s equipped with a shotgun that makes short work of anyone unlucky enough to get in the way of it while you’re firing, and his gadget is among the most beneficial to a team in the game. The Cardiac Sensor can sense an Attacker through walls as they approach your position. Your team will be alerted to the position as soon as it’s picked up, meaning that you can hunker down and use the Cardiac Sensor to track the Attackers as they make their way to your position, turning their ambush into a trap.


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Frost is another good all-rounder in the weapons department with a shotgun and submachine gun in her arsenal. It’s her gadget, the Welcome Mat, that’s the thing you’ll be benefitting from most, though. This device is basically a massive bear trap, and you can place three of them. In our experience, Attackers overlook the Bear Traps, particularly if you put them in barbed wire, meaning you’re guaranteed a kill when they try to run through. This gadget is also great for making easy entry points a nightmare for your enemies, transforming their advantage into one less member of their team to cause you problems.


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The final entry in our list sticks with a range of choices in her arsenal with an SMG and shotgun. Melusi’s Banshee Sonic Defense is the thing that sets her apart from every other Defender, though. Once placed, these devices will vibrate and cause Attackers to slow down as they pass them by, meaning you and your team can kill them before they can react or hide. Hindering your enemy’s movement might not sound important, but it’s incredibly useful when you catch an Attacker off-guard near the bomb, in a doorway, or next to a piece of cover.