The Great Mountain Survey – Genshin Impact

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As you explore Dragonspine in Genshin Impact, you may run into an NPC who needs help getting back some mountain survey beacons. They are in an area that is just too dangerous for to venture into, so it’s up to you to get and get them.

The game will give you a waypoint marking the general area, and you will need to track them all down. Two of them will be easy to find, but two of them will be hidden by peculiar ice that you will need to break with the red crystal buff.

Below, you will find maps and in-game screenshots of all the beacons. The first two will be out in the open, but for the last two you will need to use the buff to break the peculiar ice that will be hiding them.

Beacon Locations

Beacon #1

Beacon #2

Beacon #3

Beacon #4

After that, head back to the NPC you got the quest from, who will now be marked by a waypoint. She will have yet another job for you to do, and this time you will need to place new beacons at different points around Dragonspine.

This is quite easy, as they are all marked on the map via waypoints, and will be marked in the game by small wisps of light that you will be able to see quite easily. When you have that done, return to Ester and you can hand in the mission and get your rewards.