The Illumiscreen 3 – where to find the Crane Treasure in Genshin Impact – puzzle solution

The final puzzle.

Genshin Impact

The Illumiscreen 3 quest once again sees players return to the docks to solve a lantern puzzle, find some treasure locations, and then go in search of the treasure itself.

This time, the puzzle brings even more complicated rotational rules, but it is thankfully pretty easy to solve when you know what turning each lantern does.

Lantern Rotations

  • Left Lantern move Left and Middle
  • Middle Lantern moves Middle and Right
  • Right Lantern moves Right and Left

The puzzle should begin with the Mora on the left, the Glaze Lily in the middle, and the Crane on the right. This is very easy to solve if you haven’t already touched the lanterns. Just turn the middle lantern once, and then the right lantern until the last two crane pieces are in place. If you have been spinning the lanterns, you will just need to work it out based on the information about the rotations above.

Treasure Locations

Treasure 1

The first Treasure can be found in an old round tower to the north of Lingju Pass. It is protected by a large Hilichurl enemy.

Treasure 2

The second treasure can be found to the northeast of Liyue Harbor, across the bay. You need to light four lamps with Pyro abilities. The location of all four is shown in the image above. One is hidden in rocks you need to destroy behind the treasure itself.

Treasure 3

The third treasure is located on an island in Guyun Stone Forest. This island has lots of Geovishaps on it, and the Relic Hunter beside the treasure will spawn when you dig it up. Interact with the circle of dirt on the ground to dig up the treasure.

When you are finished return to the docks and you will be able to open all three treasure chests across from the Illumiscreen.