Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 The Information: All Security Equipment, Data Pad and Relic Safe Locations

This Braindance mechanic can cause tons of headaches. Here’s every scannable item in Cyberpunk 2077’s The Information.

Cyberpunk 2077 All Braindance Scannable Items The Information

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During Cyberpunk 2077’s The Information main quest, you’ll have your first proper introduction to Braindance, a high-tech detective game mechanic. To complete The Information, you need to search through a scene captured by Ev to find clues for a job you are planning. You will need to search through the scene at various times, and because it is your first Braindance, you may find it a little confusing. You will need to find the datapad and the Relic safe, but can also scan the security equipment for some extra information when you play through the job.

All Security Equipment Locations in The Information

The Security equipment can mostly be found right at the start when Ev enters the room. Pause the playback, enter Editor mode, and scan the following security items in the Information:

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Security EquipmentLocationBraindance Recording Time
Elevator entrance0:12
Next to the elevator, on the wall0:14
On the living room’s wall, near the room.2:07
On the living room’s ceiling, near the room.2:07
Inside Yorinobu’s room2:35

and scan the security pad directly beside the door. You should also be able to scan the camera in the bedroom through the wall. Just hover the reticle over each of them and wait until the scanning bar is full

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The final piece of security equipment is a turret in the ceiling, just above the bedroom, that you can scan when Ev is heading there with the target.

Cyberpunk 2077: How to Scan the Data Pad in The Information

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You won’t be able to scan the datapad until near the end. The target will be lying on the bed reading the datapad. This is the only window you will have to scan it, and you will need to be in the yellow visual layer to do it.

Cyberpunk 2077: Where to Find the Relic in The Information

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For the Relic safe, you will need to be in the thermal layer and pretty much back at the start of the recording when Ev is standing at the counter getting a drink. You can find the safe on the floor in the far corner of the room, near the windows, at 00:43.