TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – Every Divine Beast & How To Free Them

Where BOTW meets Shadow of the Colossus.

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After talking with Impa during the Talk to Impa main mission, you’ll automatically snag a new one. This time, your task is to defeat the four divine beasts — each in a different prominent tribe of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But before you can even think about entering those beasts, you must complete a main mission in each tribe’s region to weaken them. Then, once you’re inside, your objective is to activate several terminals to activate the central terminal and take down a boss.

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How to Free Every Divine Beast in Breath of the Wild

To defeat the beasts in Breath of the Wild, you must finish each region’s main quest: weaken the beast and get inside. Once inside, the objective is to activate some terminals, activate the central terminal and finally defeat a boss in each of them to finish freeing the beast.

How to Free Divine Beast Vah Ruta

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If you’re a beginner, the Zora region is the perfect place to start. This area is not too complicated, and you won’t have to fight against extreme temperatures. But beware, dangers still lurk, so be prepared to fight or flee.

Vah Ruta is arguably the easiest beast to free in Breath of the Wild. Getting inside will just take a couple of shock arrows and a lot of swimming. But, once defeated, this beast will recover all your life when you lose it and even give you extra hearts.

How to Free Divine Beast Vah Medoh

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The second place we recommend visiting is the Orni Village. Completing this area will give us a handy skill for the rest of the game. The village is relatively easy to reach, but the enemies are formidable. Make sure you buy the Orni armor to resist the lowest temperatures.

Vah Medoh‘s inside puzzles are pretty straightforward. You’ll have to join your fellow Orni in a flight to defeat it, but you’ll get an airborne boost powerup once you do.

How to Free Divine Beast Vah Rudania

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The Goron area is similar to the Orni. Still, the way to Goron City is quite hostile because of the high temperatures and fire. So visit the mountain post to buy fireproof elixirs, essential for reaching Goron City. And watch out for random showers of rocks.

Vah Rudania is quite a challenging maze. Just getting there involves a tedious escort mission. But, at least, it’ll grant you protection against fire when everything’s over.

How to Free Divine Beast Vah Naboris

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Save the Gerudo region for last, as its dungeon and final boss are among the most challenging in the game. In addition, the area has scorching temperatures during the day and very cold at night, so be prepared with elixirs made from icy butterflies, dragonflies, mushrooms, and watermelons.

Once you free it, Vah Naboris will allow you to perform a powerful attack to destroy your enemies. But you should make sure you’ve got a clear head to activate all of its terminals.