The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – How to Wake the Sleeping Walrus and Reach Yarna Desert


The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for the Nintendo Switch is a remake of one of the undisputed best games in the Zelda series. It comes with all of the original’s odd charm and puzzles. One small section that frustrated players back in 1993 may also be causing you problems today. If you find yourself stuck from completing your quest by one lazy walrus, read on to see how to get this living roadblock out of your way.

Where to find the sleeping walrus in Link’s Awakening

When you make your way from south of the Animal Village to the Yarna Desert, you’ll find your path blocked by a sleepy walrus. No matter what Link does, the walrus refuses to move, and the only way to get it up is to have Marin come and sing to it.

How to find Marin and wake the sleeping walrus in Link’s Awakening

Marin is the first person Link meets when he washes up on Koholint Island. After discovering Link shipwrecked, Marin returns home to Mabe Village, where she’s known for singing a tune called the Ballad of the Wind Fish. However, when you need Marin to wake up the walrus, you won’t find her at home. If you head back to Mabe Village, you’ll learn from the villagers there, or a note in Marin’s house, that she went down to the beach. Head to the beach, and you should find her there. Go back to the spot where you initially found Link’s sword, and then head east. You can’t miss her. Speak to Marin and ask her to sing to the Walrus. She’s more than happy to accompany you.

All you need to do is head back to the passage to Yarna Desert and let Marin take care of the rest. She’ll sing Ballad of the Wind Fish to the walrus, waking him up. After doing a quick dance, the walrus dives out of the way, letting you continue to the challenges awaiting you in Yarna Desert and beyond.