The “new” items in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 6

Something borrowed, something new… or is it?

Image via Riot Games

Heading into Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 6, there were quite a few item changes that threw fans for a loop. The part that makes it extra confusing is that these items were not actually very different. So, they looked different in-game, but their traits weren’t different too, right? Well, that’s also not true, because while they mostly have the same traits, they also tend to have some added bonus traits going into this set. If that sounds confusing, that’s because it sort of is, so let’s break down these not-so-new items.

Tactician’s Crown

This item is simply a familiar concept under a new name. Previously, when you combined two spatulas, you got “Force of Nature”, an item that lets you add an extra unit to your board. So, if you see it in a carousel, don’t miss out. Also, like Force of Nature, you do not have to have it on a unit to activate it.

Ionic Spark

Unlike some of these old/new items, Ionic Spark is basically the same. Enemies within two hexes have their magic resistance reduced by 50%. Also, when they cast their ultimate ability, they take magic damage. It now just looks like a ring instead of a lightning bow and arrow.

Hextech Gunblade

On the surface, Hextech Gunblade is pretty similar. It heals its holder for 33% whenever they deal ability power and true damage. However, they’ve now added a Set 5 Shadow boost to it: the base Gunblade now also heals their lowest health ally for the same amount.

Zeke’s Herald

Lucky for fans of this teamwork attack speed item, the only thing different is its visuals, updating to a slightly crisper banner. Otherwise, allies within one hex on either side of this unit gain 30% increased attack speed.

Titan’s Resolve

Much like Zeke’s Herald, Titan’s Resolve just got a visual upgrade. The item still gives 2 bonus attack damage and ability power, stacking up to 25 for each hit or attack your unit does. It also still shows you where that counter is at, so no fear, all they did was to make the pauldron a little shinier.

Dragon’s Claw

This item used to be the magic resist champion of earlier sets. While it still offers 200 bonus magic resist, it also shoots a fireball now. The fireball will cast whenever the unit is hit with an ultimate ability and will launch itself at the champion that fired that ultimate ability. Yeah, you can see there’s a reason why this might be popular against Lux and Orianna gameplay right now.

Set 6 Emblems

Like every set since the Spatula’s inclusion, you can use it to make new class/origin emblems special to the most recent set. You can get other emblems for things like Innovator or Scholar, but you can only get them by chance in Tome of Traits drops or from the carousel. These are the only ones you can create:

  • Imperial: BF Sword + Spatula
  • Challenger: Recurve Bow + Spatula
  • Syndicate: Chain Vest + Spatula
  • Mutant: Negatron Cloak + Spatula
  • Arcanist: Needlessly Large Rod + Spatula
  • Academy: Tear of the Goddess + Spatula
  • Chemtech: Giant’s Belt + Spatula
  • Assassin: Sparrking Gloves + Spatula