The Outer Worlds – The Frightened Engineer Mission Guide


The Outer Worlds is filled with NPCs to help, and side missions to finish. In the Frightened Engineer mission, you will be trying to help Thomas Kemp find books that he needs to become an engineer.

The Outer Worlds – The Frightened Engineer Mission Guide

You first find Thomas Kemp at the Botanical Lab, where he is hanging out near the Workbench. He and Parvati used to be friends so that you can talk to him, and he will admit that he is lying about being an engineer in the new settlement. He wants to be one, and has the passion, but lacks the knowledge. He will ask you to retrieve three books about engineering for him, Engineering Volumes 1, 2, and 3.

The first two are easy to find, and you should see them marked on the map for you. The first is in Emerald Vale Community Center, and you may already have it if you looted this place on the way to the Botanical Lab. The second is back in Edgewater, at the Cannery. The mystery is Volume 3, which is missing.

Snooping around the Cannery and reading terminals will get you a few clues, but you will want to make your way to the Geothermal Power Plant. You have to go here for a mission anyway, so no need to rush. When you arrive, you can head right to the reception desk and find a clue to the location of the book, so head for the repair bay. When you get there, it is just another clue, sending you to a place called The Pit.

The Pit is easy to find, as massive pipes of geothermal energy flow down it. Take the ladders down between each level, and you will hear someone talking. The voice belongs to Higgins, who somehow survived the events that transpired in the Power Plant. The book you need will be near his bed so that you can grab it.

Bring all three books back to Thomas Kemp at the Botanical Lab, and you will set him up for a brighter future than the one he is currently facing. No longer a fake engineer, he will be able to learn everything he needs to know to do the job he loves.