The Outer Worlds: Does it Have Cross Save?


You can start playing The Outer Worlds right now. It’s Obsidian Entertainment’s new RPG title, where it’s a mixture of Fallout meets science fiction. Based on plenty of reviews of the game, it’s a winning combination with plenty of wit, charm, and capitalism. What’s not to love? Some players are going to get the chance to play through the Microsoft store for their PC. Does the game feature a cross-save function?

Does The Outer Worlds have Cross-Save?

Those who are eagerly gearing into the game excited to jump in can do it to their heart’s content. However, The Outer Worlds is not a cross-buy game in the Microsoft Store. If it were a cross-buy game, it would mean players could seamlessly play the title on their Xbox One and their PC. It does also mean it comes with a cross-save function, allowing players to start the game on their PC and then continue on the same profile from their Xbox One.

Unfortunately, The Outer Worlds does not have this function. Players are going to need to choose where they want to play the game, and they’re going to need to stick with it the entire time. For some players, this could end up becoming slightly annoying, but it’s not a deal-breaker. Hopefully, at least.

Plenty is going on with the game with the challenging Supernova mode, the perks in the game, the skills, the numerous damage types in the game, and so much more.

Beyond the Xbox One and Microsoft Store, players can choose to try the game out on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, or they can play it on the Epic Games Store. However, players want to go about their experience. They’re going to have access to it.