The Outer Worlds Global Release Schedule


We’re looking forward to an exciting week full of game releases with CoD: Modern Warfare and The Outer Worlds coming out on Oct. 25. The games are sure to sit well with their respective crowds. We have a multiplayer-heavy title with plenty of shooting, with an exciting RPG-action adventure from Obsidian Entertainment, the creative minds behind Fallout: New Vegas. Many have walked away from The Outer Worlds with a great deal of enthusiasm. When are you going to get the chance to get your hands on the game?

The Outer Worlds Global Release Schedule

The release schedule for The Outer Worlds is broken up into two timelines: PC and Console. For those who want to get in on the action immediately, you may have wanted to lean into the PC release. However, those who are on console do not need to wait too long to jump into the game; it’s only a few hours. While it may matter for those who go into the multiplayer release of a game, there’s no multiplayer or cooperative mode in The Outer Worlds, so this is not a factor.

Here’s the PC release global release break down for The Outer Worlds.

PC Global Release Time Schedule

You can see it’s going to get broken up across the globe, but it looks like The Outer Worlds is going to release at roughly the same time across the world. Those who are on the west coast of the United States are going to get the chance to have the most time to play it while they’re awake, so lucky them.

However, it’s not as broken up for the consoles section. Here’s what it looks like for the game if you’re playing on a console:

Console Release Time for The Outer Worlds

In all areas, except for the west coast of the United States, it’s going to unlock at midnight. However, when it hits 9:00 pm PST, it’s going to open because it’s going to be midnight for the east coast. They’re going to get it at the same time, so if you’re on the west coast of the United States, you do luck out again.

Overall, it’s going to depend on what version you’re playing on if you get the chance to play it early or not. The Outer Worlds does not have any way for players to pre-order the game to play it a few days early, so everyone is going to get to play it around Oct 24 to the 25, when it’s supposed to release.

You still have time to pre-order The Outer Worlds if you want to, or you can play it by having access to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate edition subscription. If you played Gears 5 with it, you should have access to it still.