The Outer Worlds – The Distress Signal Quest Guide


In The Outer Worlds, you will need to go and find Gladys on the Groundbreaker. You will be looking to buy a Nav Key from her, but you can also pick up a mission there called The Distress Signal. This quest sends you to a new area on Terra 2 called Roseway.

The Outer Worlds – The Distress Signal Quest Guide

Roseway Gardens

Gladys will ask you to check out a distress signal coming from Roseway. When you get there, the settlement got attacked by wild beasts, and lots of people are dead.

There are three scientists scattered throughout the settlement that you can speak with to learn more. Each will have a quest, asking you to retrieve different items. Accept all the quests, but keep in mind you can complete the quests for them or bring the items back to Gladys. You need 10,000 Bit to buy the Nav Key from here, and the items from these quests will cover the cost.

  • Anton Crane – He wants you to find his research, in a side quest called The Doom That Came To Roseway. His research is in a secret lab (marked on the map above as B), and it gets found by a woman called Cassandra that you will need to help. He also gives you a side quest called By His Bootstraps, to find his missing protege.
  • Orson Shaw – He is working on a pistol weapon and will give you a side quest called Vulcan’s Hammer, but has left the plans for it at the Storage Facility, marked on the map above as A.
  • Vaughn Cortes – He has been researching aphrodisiacs. His experiment is at the secret lab, where you will find Anton’s notes. He will give you a side quest called The Amateur Alchemist.

Gather up all the items and return them to the scientists, or take them back to Gladys to help pay for the Nav Key.

Where To Find The Items For Each Scientist

Pistol Plans For Orson Shaw

Storage Facility Map

Head to the point shown on the map, then down the stairs. The plans will be on the wall above a bench in the center of the room.

Anton Crane Research

You need to get this from Cassandra. You will need a security key to free her, so follow this guide to find it.

Vaughn Cortes Experiment

Covert Lab

You can find his experiment in the secret lab in the area marked by the red X.

And there you go! All the parts that Gladys is interested in acquiring. You can now choose to return them to her or give them all back to the scientists.