The Outer Worlds – The Empty Man Quest Guide


The Empty Man is a quest you will need to complete for Vicar Max, one of your Companions, in The Outer Worlds. You will only get access to this quest after you complete The Illustrated Manuscript and get Vicar Max to join your party. Once you get the Unreliable up and running, you can then start working on this quest.

The Outer Worlds – The Empty Man Quest Guide

The first thing you need to do is find a security terminal on the Groundbreaker. This location is inside at the security checkpoint, right beside the landing pad. There are a couple of ways into it. You can befriend the guard by talking to him from time to time. When you do jobs for other people, like fixing the heat on the Groundbreaker, you should be able to persuade him to let you in quickly. You can also find a Market ID just down the hall from the security station, which enables you to use your Holographic Shroud to go in and get to the terminal. Grab the cassette out of the terminal, then leave.

Head to Monarch

Vicar Max will examine the Terminal when you speak to him, and discover the location of Reginald Chaney, a man he needs to help him translate the Manuscript you found for him earlier. You will need to head for Fallbrook on Monarch. Head off to Monarch, head for Chaney’s to discover he is not there, then search it.

Find Reginald

You will find a note in the house that lets you know Chaney is off panning for gold, so head for the river bed to talk to him. You will get told you need to head for Scylla to find the original owner of the Manuscript. Don’t rush off, as you can do this quest whenever you arrive on the planet.

Help Max Meditate

When you get to the hermit on Scylla, you need to help Max partake in a meditative aid experiment. You need to help Max deal with the hallucinations that form the vision quest, so encourage him along. When it is all over, talk to Max to see how he is feeling. You need to learn if he found the answer he was seeking.