The Phaethon’s Syrtos quest guide – Genshin Impact

Seek out the tombs.

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The Phaethon’s Syrtos is a world quest in Genshin Impact that takes place in Enkanomiya. It requires quite a bit of setup to begin, including finding some Seelies and completing another lengthy world quest. Before attempting to start this quest, you need the Divine Bridle item.

You get this item by completing the Hyperion’s Dirge world quest. It’s a long quest that requires you to gain quite a bit of sigils around Enkanomiya. Follow this guide for some guidance on how to complete the quest.

After getting the Divine Bridle, you need to find the two special Seelies. You’ll find them at the Evernight Temple.

You need to unlock the special gate by finding the two Seelies.

Another piece of prep work you can do before fully starting the quest is collecting Sango Pearls. Sango Pearls are character ascension materials, and you’ll need to place seven of them around tombs across Enkanomiya.

Once you find both Seelies, head in and talk to the NPC Clymene. Clymene will mark the seven tombs you must visit on the mini-map, but here are the locations of all the tombs:

Return to Clymene once you finish placing all the Sango Pearls at the tombs. Clymene will then open up a path, the Soul Guide’s Locus. Follow this path.

Clymene then requires the Divine Bridle. Since you have finished the Hyperion’s Dirge, you will be able to complete this quest by turning in the Divine Bridle. He’ll ask you to place the Divine Bridle in the pool of water near him.

This is the end of the quest. You’ll receive some rewards for your troubles.