The Pickup – how to remove the virus from the Militech chip in Cyberpunk 2077

Don’t get used.

Image via CD Projekt Red

When you are playing through the Pickup mission in Cyberpunk 2077 you can go and meet Meredith Stout. After a bit of back and forth she will give you a chip that you can use to pay the Maelstroms for the Flathead bot that they have. You need it for a job, so getting your hands on it is important.

What you might not know is that Meredith has some malware on the chip, something that might just get you killed if you hand it over to the Maelstroms. To remove it, you will need to hack the datashard chip.

After Merdith and her Corpo goon squad drive away, open your menu and go the Journal. Select Shards, then find the Militech Datashard. Hit the prompted button to hack the chip, and select Breach Protocol.

Now, you have two options. Neutralize Malware will rid of the virus, while Datamine Copy Malware will make a copy of the virus. The real trick is to do both, which is possible. You will need to very carefully select the following options, as it is the only way to get through both codes and do both things.

  • Top row, fight column – BD
  • Bottom row, fifth column – BD
  • Botton row, fourth column – FF
  • Fourth row, fourth column – 55
  • Fourth row, second column – 1C
  • Bottom row, second column – E9.

This enters both the 55,1C,E9 code to delete the virus, and the BD,BD,FF,55 code to copy it, giving you a version of it to use for your own ends. This now means you can offer the Maelstroms the chip during the Pickup, allowing you to keep things nice and calm against a gang that outnumbers you considerably.