The Sims 4: Simlish phrases and their meanings

Discover what your Sims have been saying this whole time.

Image via The Sims Studio.

Simlish is a fictional language in the Sims universe created by Will Wright, creator of The Sims. Although English is being used more often in the recent Sims games, the nonsensical Simlish is still a joy to hear. With the series being 20 years old, many players have taken it upon themselves to translate these iconic phrases. This list will highlight the most prevalent Simlish phrases in the series and their meaning. 

Baba – I am pregnant

This phrase is hard to forget, as “baba” sounds all too familiar to baby. Don’t get mistaken, however, as “nooboo” is the Simlish word for baby. Baba is a phrase you will hear if you continuously throw opposite gendered Sims into houses together. 

 Sass Awrful – That’s Awful!

One fun phrase is “sass awrful,” which sounds like its English equivalent. You’ll hear this one as a response to a story being told to a Sim. It’s a perfect example of how Simlish is a nonsensical language that is more akin to gibberish than anything else. 

Sul sul – Hello

The most iconic Silmish phrase of them all, “sul sul,” is one you will hear more times than you desire when playing a Sims game. It’s one of the oldest Sims phrases, appearing in the first Simlish game, SimCopter. Although it was used as both “hello” and “goodbye” in earlier games, it’s now regulated to just “hello” in The Sims 4. 

Uhh Shamoo Ralla Poo – I’m So Bored

Here’s a phrase you can’t escape if you manage multiple Sims. If any of your Sims feel neglected, they will scream out “uhh shamoo ralla poo.” Screaming out that they are bored all the time is something Sims love to do, and it’s up to you to keep them entertained.

Wabadebadoo – I’m on fire!

If you hear “wabadebadoo” multiple times during a Sims 4 session, you may be doing something wrong. If a Sim catches on fire, they will scream this at the top of their lungs. However, if you have a confident Sim, they can use this phrase metaphorically.