The Surge 2 – How To Bank Tech Scrap, And What It Does

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Tech Scrap is a vital resource in The Surge 2. You get it from killing enemies, and as loot hidden throughout the world. It allows you to upgrade your Rig, construct weapons and armor, and upgrade those same weapons and armor, along with you implants.

As you gather it up, you also risk losing it. If you die, a small Tech Scrap container gets left on the ground. You have a limited time to get back to it before it disappears for good.

When you find a Med Bay, you have the chance to spend your hard-earned Tech Scrap, but what about the stuff you can’t spend?

How To Bank Tech Scrap

On the main Med Bay screen you will see an option to bank your Tech Scrap. This stores your Tech Scrap in the Med Bay, so you don’t risk losing it if you die. You can still use the Tech Scrap to upgrade your Rig, construct weapons, or upgrade, but you can’t lose it when you die. You want to store your Tech Scrap whenever you reach a Med Bay.

When you are out in the world, you might come across some vendors who will sell you Scrap items. These allow you to exchange your Tech Scrap you can lose for scrap items that you can’t lose, which is a good thing to do if you are unsure what is in store for you around the next corner. These vendors are not common however, so it is not good to rely on the idea that you might run into one.