Theater Mechanicus hints and tips – Genshin Impact

It’s all about the wave control.

Genshin Impact

Theater Mechanicus will be taking up a lot of your time in Genshin Impact during the Lantern Rite Festival. In this wave-based tower defense mini-game, you can earn important currency to get lots of rewards during the event.

In this guide, we will run through some important hints and tips, and will assume that you have the basics of the event down at this point.

Mechanici Tier List

So, which Mechanici is the best? In our experience, these are the towers you should focus on.

  • Pyro – Pyro towers do the most damage, and a lot of area-of-effect damage as well.
  • Cryo – combines well with Pyro for impressive elemental synergy.
  • Hydro – does a very interesting area-of-effect that can really shine at choke points.
  • Electro – While hard-hitting, they are only really needed to crack those Geo shields.
  • Anemo – Hasn’t been needed at all, as it offers crowd control that you can easily cheat to get.
  • Recovery + Mines – largely a waste of time and resources, at least so far.

Study the waves

The game tells you what will be in each wave before it starts. Study it carefully and build accordingly. A lot of Pyro towers won’t do much to stop Pyro enemies, etc.

Build slowly

While it is tempting to build a lot of towers at the start, you are limited to 14 spots. Build only what you need when you need it, and leave enough options to build on all paths, not just the one that is busy at the start of the match.

Mystic Arts

Think carefully about the Mystic Arts that are available between each round. Some of them are free, and very useful, giving you easy ways to score a lot more points.

Just because you can’t damage enemies doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hit them

While you can’t damage enemies with your attacks, you should still attack them. You can prime enemies with elemental types based on your abilities, setting up certain types of damage from towers, and you can also crowd control enemies with abilities. Have something that knocks an enemy into the air? Use it to stall them out. Is a speedy Shamachurl making you look like a dummy? Drop a Geo construct in front of him to momentarily trap him for your towers to hit.

You can also stagger enemies with physical attacks from some weapons, which is another great way to stall them so your towers can damage them.

Party setup matters

As we said, abilities and weapons matter, so some characters really shine in this event.

  • Razor – has a Claymore to stagger enemies, and a quick charging Elemental Burst to knocked them back and do large scale Electro priming.
  • Venti – Can use his abilities to knock enemies up, trapping and delaying them.
  • Jean – can knock enemies into the abyss, killing them easily.
  • Barbara – super easy Hydro primes if you want to infinitely freeze enemies or waves with Cryo towers.
  • Sucrose – solid crowd control
  • Geo Traveler – easy to deploy constructs to block pathing and delay fast enemies
  • Xiangling– Her bear can sit on the path and prime a lot of enemies with Pyro as they walk past

Upgrade your Mechanici

You can upgrade your Mechanici in the Event Page, and you really should. You won’t get far without boosting their power output, and new abilities for the Mechanici will unlock as you climb up the levels.